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Dee has been a freelance writer for print publications and businesses looking for graphic design and advertorials. She has created dozens of marketing campaigns that included mass mailers, flyers/handouts, newsletters and Constant Contact eblasts. Dee's varied background in the workforce enables her to have an excellent grasp on the bigger picture. She has experience in many aspects of different markets which enables her to clearly focus on specific target markets and key demographics. She can get the results you need.

She also worked for East Bay Newspapers for several years. Dee often worked on human interest stories, movie reviews, and current events. She was regularly featured in the quarterly advertorial section, creating ad articles for every type of business. Dee has extensive experience in marketing. Most recently, she worked on ad campaigns for a heating and cooling company. She wrote weekly eblasts and created specialized campaigns which were successful in driving business. The campaigns were specifically created based on customer need and tailored to desired effect. Each email was based on current weather conditions to maximize open/read rates and ultimate ROI per campaign.


Advertorials, Eblasts, Newspetters, Marketing, Ad Campaigns


Human interest stories, travel writing, tech writing, graphic design


New England Institute of Technology

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management minor Information Technology Associate Degree in Clinical Medical Assisting and Medical Terminology with NCMA certification and Clinical Externship


100 Projects Completed

Dee wrote a quarterly newsletter for an HVAC company to promote equipment sales and increase customer retention. Ultimately all oil is the same, so the company needed a way to differentiate itself. The goal was to create a customer experience that would not only generate more liquid fuel and equipment sales revenue, but also increase awareness about add on services and local business partners. The results were exceptional and the newsletters created massive ROI- in a season with historic decline in sales the company saw growth in equipment sales and customer retention.


100 Projects Completed

For four years, Dee worked at East Bay Newspapers providing articles on local news events, movie reviews, human interest stories, and advertorials. She continued creating advertorials for HVAC companies when she graduated college and began working in the HVAC field. She would often create newsletters and eblasts to coincide with advertorials and reinforce campaigns.

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