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Lakita P. is the former owner of a reality blog. Lakita is known for writing about the socialization of reality television. Lakita is a competitive writer that is skilled in various genres. Lakita holds a Dual Bachelors of Arts in both Film & Video Communications and Sociology from Georgia State University. Lakita's educational background honed her academic writing skills. In addition, Lakita has a diverse leadership background in a variety of industries. Lakita's combination of education and leadership experience allows her to offer you a diverse portfolio of written products.


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Lakita P. has experience in a variety of technical leadership positions. Lakita has worked in the telecommunications industry for over ten years. While employed, Lakita wrote many technical support articles that aided in providing an excellent customer experience. In addition, Lakita has experience in satellite installation services, mobile technology, and router installation troubleshooting. Lakita is able to lend her technical expertise through her written products.


Lakita P. holds a Bachelors of Arts in Film & Video Communications and graduated with a 3.8 GPA in her major. Lakita is an aspiring screenwriter that lends her skills to diverse array of written entertainment products. Lakita is well versed in Film Theory, and able to write in a variety of genres.


Lakita's mission is to improve the socialization of people around the world through her written works. Lakita graduated with a 4.0 GPA in her Sociology Major. Lakita has a real passion for improving the human condition. She is very interested in improving interpersonal interactions amongst people. Lakita has written a variety of online works that focus on improving the socialization of people.


Lakita P. is a former leader for a major department store that we all know and love. Lakita has experience working with various fashion brands as a former inventory and customer service manager. Lakita blends her fashion career and educational experience to provide clients with compelling fashion oriented articles.


Lakita P. is an entertainment writer that has a humorous tone to many of the written works offered to clients. Lakita has written may articles about some of the funniest characters of reality television. Lakita understands the value of humor in entertainment and strives to offer professional written products in this genre.

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Blog Post

Lakita P. is experienced in blog writing. Lakita briefly owned a successful reality blog. Lakita blogged about many reality television shows on her website. Lakita has extensive blogging experience and is and very familiar with wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Lakita is able to lend a variety of expertise to your blogging products. She would be a great resource for any blog that you are trying to promote online.

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