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Scott P. is a versatile writer with lengthy experience in online media and Web content writing. In addition to being a seasoned writer and editor, Scott also has a strong knowledge of content management systems (such as WordPress and Joomla) and the latest SEO best practices. He also writes and optimizes ad copy for Bing Ads, Google Adwords and other advertising platforms. He is also a contract blogger and online community manager.


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Scott previously worked in affiliate marketing where he managed advertising campaigns and wrote content. He has a deep understanding of how to build and analyze Web traffic and create landing pages accordingly.


Scott spent several years as a paid admin, writer and editor for a popular website that covered online video games.

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Scott has more than a decade of experience as a journalist with daily newspapers, mostly as a full-time reporter. He has written and edited thousands of articles for the Web since accepting a job at an affiliate marketing company in 2008.

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