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Shannon loves to write and research several different areas. Her favorite research and writing topics include the medical and health care fields, mental health, religions and arts and crafts.


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  • Bio/Pharm20+
  • Pets20+
  • Music10+
  • Garden10+
  • Health7
  • Medical7
  • Craft5
  • Outdoor/Recreation5
  • Spirituality2

Summary of Industry Experience


Shannon worked in medical research for 3 years learning about several diseases and treatments. Through her time in medical research, she has become familiar with vaccines, alternative treatments and both eastern and western medicine.


Shannon trained dogs at the NCSU vet school as well as training dogs in the community. She has worked with cats, horses and pigs as well and rehabilitated several types of animals.


Shannon has taken piano lessons starting at the age of 7 and loves teaching children to play. In addition to knowing the piano, she is also knowledgeable of panflutes, mountain and hammered dulcimers and drums.


Shannon has worked in local garden shops giving her great expertise in the garden world. She has always been passionate about plants and learns from friends with wildlife and fisheries degrees.


Shannon loves the healthcare world and is always researching alternative medicines and herbal remedies. Shannon spends time with alternative or holistic health care providers to learn about health care.


Shannon has medical experience from working at GlaxoSmithKline, NCSU and a vet office. Shannon has taken classes as well and loves to share her knowledge.


Shannon has learned from grandparents and family to knit and crochet. She comes from a family who has always loved arts and crafts with the passion to teach those with a willing heart. Shannon has learned various skills from childhood.


Shannon loves the great outdoors and writes articles or stories based on her time spent on the rivers in the area and likes to share adventures, stories and informational articles such as how to white water kayack.


Shannon has spent the past few years researching and learning various realms of the spiritual world. Shannon loves to learn about religions and spirituality.

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