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Susan is a professional, Hubspot-certified business writer who has written on a variety of topics targeting both B2B and B2C readers.
Here are a few comments from Susan's clients:
"Very nice. This is specific, but not a full sales push on the course. It provides overall helpful information."
"Good idea going outside of the "box" of what services they provide but still goes along with them."
"This is fresh and written from a different perspective. I like it."
"Excellent. Thank you for excellent writing, links, overall quality. Please keep these coming."

After completing her Marketing degree, Susan embarked on a sales career that spanned over a decade. Always fascinated by marketing and public relations, she jumped at the chance to move into a marketing role in 2010, and sharpened her writing skills during her years as a Marketing Project Manager for a B2B technology company, gearing content toward Mortgage and Human Resource professionals. She skillfully crafted blog posts, business press releases, SEO rich website content, webinar content, eBooks, white papers, and email campaigns. During this time, Susan learned how to multi-task and maintain strict deadlines.
In addition, Susan has passionately chased freelance writing projects for the past three years, which empowered her to tighten up her writing and continue improving her research and storytelling expertise, and knowledge on a variety of subjects. She loves working with small and medium sized business to elevate their web presence and increase website traffic. Her overall goal in content creation is to give the audience an entertaining read that is both informative and memorable.
Susan has the know-how to make your blog, article, white paper, or eBook spark a reader's interest, keep their attention, and bring them back for more!


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Susan M's Finance Industry Experience

104 Projects Completed

Many years of experience in the financial field has seasoned Susan with a great deal of knowledge, specifically in the mortgage banking arena. She has assisted countless consumers and loan originators in understanding the mysteries of the credit scoring model. Susan has written blogs, articles, and eBooks on a person's finances and how it affects their ability to become a home owner.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing500+
  • Banking100+
  • Business100+
  • Finance100+
  • Medical50+
  • Beauty50+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Auto20+
  • Home Living10+
  • Relationships10+
  • Pets7
  • Travel4
  • Women2

Summary of Industry Experience


Susan is a marketing executive with a great deal of experience in every aspect of the marketing process. From inbound to outbound marketing, aligning marketing to sales, public relations, to analyzing results, Susan understands marketing's role in a successful business environment.


Susan spent a decade serving in a B2B sales role to mortgage bankers, and is well-versed and experienced in relating to the financial industry. Adept at all parts of the mortgage process, Susan has first hand knowledge and experience in explaining complex financial information in an easy to understand manner. She also possesses the professional voice that appeals to this segment.


Susan is a professional business writer who has created polished content for a variety of businesses. From Mom and Pop shops to large corporate clients, Susan maintains an extensive list of happy clients. Susan is adept at maintaining a professional tone while still engaging the reader, and skilled at breaking down complex processes into easy to understand pieces.


Many years of experience in the financial field has seasoned Susan with a great deal of knowledge, specifically in the mortgage banking arena. She has assisted countless consumers and loan originators in understanding the mysteries of the credit scoring model. Susan has written blogs, articles, and eBooks on a person's finances and how it affects their ability to become a home owner.


Susan effectively researches and writes about medical issues and treatments, and has experience in both traditional and non-traditional arenas. Adept at wrestling a complex subject into easy to understand pieces, Susan successfully blogs about dentistry, chiropractic care, and general medical topics.


Susan has long enjoyed blogging about beauty products, treatments, and secrets to help women look thinner, younger, and prettier. From at-home treatments with all natural recipes to in-office procedures, Susan explains them all step-by-step with a wise, friendly tone and humorous analogies.


Susan has written articles and blogs for event planning. Susan is skilled at laying out an article that requires a large number of points in a manner that is easy for the reader to absorb. Her wit and ability to drill down to the specific point keeps the reader interested and engaged.


Offering clear explanations is one of Susan's strongest talents. She is skilled at laying out the features and benefits of automobiles, as well as safety tips for driving. She has guest blogged for driving schools, auto mechanics, and car dealerships.

Home Living

Susan is an avid DIYer and loves to blog about her attempts to improve and decorate her home. She has written about both indoor and outdoor projects, with most of her articles slanting toward decoration and improvement on a budget.


Susan is an enthusiastic fan of studying relationship dynamics, and has written blogs posts and articles on the inner workings of spousal, sibling, and friend relationships. Exploring the feelings and attitudes toward each individual relationship and writing about the results is fascinating to Susan.


An avid animal lover, Susan's hobby is baking all-natural homemade dog treats. She has established a small business selling the treats at area farmer's markets. She has written blogs and other articles about pet health and safety. She jokes that her dog owns the house, and luckily he still lets her live there!


Greece, Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica! Susan holds them and many other places close to her heart. She has a passion for traveling, and loves to do it on a budget.
Susan likes to balance beautiful beaches, shopping, and eating within the area's culture. One of her favorite parts of travel is the unexpected adventure that awaits.


Susan is experienced in researching women's issues, especially in the professional workplace. Susan has worked for a 100% women owned company for the last 12 years, and stays updated on the challenges a working woman faces.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Twitter Post500+
  • Facebook Post100+
  • Webinar100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Web Page50+
  • White Paper20+
  • Product Description8

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Susan has six years' experience writing blogs for Business to Business readers. She is adept at maintaining a polished, professional tone, while still being able to actively engage the reader. Susan creates her blogs so they are precisely written and draw the reader in by the title and easy-to-read subheadings.

Twitter Post

Susan has successfully grown and maintained a Twitter account for a B2B company for the past 4 years. During this time, she has increased the followers exponentially, and many of her tweets have been retweeted to thousands of people. Susan has strategically created a system to Tweet on various topics several different times throughout the day to gain the most attention and exposure. Many industry leaders are followers.

Facebook Post

Susan is responsible for the FaceBook posts for her company's professional page. She focuses on posting the company blogs, press releases, invitations to webinars, and other informative topics that clients would find beneficial and educational. Susan frequently includes links, pictures, and hashtags to maximize engagement.


Susan has created and presented dozens of informative webinars over various topics. She possesses the ability to engage the attendee while also imparting valuable information. Susan understands how to write and build webinar content to break down complex topics into easy to digest pieces.

Press Release

Susan has 3 years' experience writing a variety of press releases. She is skilled at created engaging titles and content that results in a broad distribution. Susan has great attention to detail and is able to write from many different perspectives.

Web Page

Writing website content is another area of Susan's writing expertise. She has created many product webpages that accurately describes the benefits and features of each. Susan writes web pages designed to inform the potential buyer of how the product will save time and streamline their processes.

White Paper

White papers are powerful tools in marketing, and Susan has extensive experience creating the content that results in valuable whitepapers. Susan's experience with white papers includes information that is used in marketing to a professional B2B buyers. The goal of Susan's white papers are to inform and educate the reader on the topic, and entice them to move forward in the sales cycle.

Product Description

Susan has provided precise product descriptions that both outline the product's features and explain the benefits provided to the buyer.

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