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John's interest in writing sparked during his first year of college when he took Great Books courses in his college's Honors Program. He started writing professionally in April 2013 and focuses on terse, concise, and informative writing that also features a conversational tone.

John's educational background includes the following:

*Expected graduation date: May 2015
*Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree (4.0 GPA) in Business Administration with a Concentration in Economics and International Business
*Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree (4.0 GPA) in German Studies

*In 2013-2014, John studied on a full academic scholarship at Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria.

John's writing experience:

John has written over 800 articles for several clients. He's written about various inbound marketing topics including email, social media platforms, and content creation. He's also written extensively about cloud computing and business continuity. John researches selected topics in depth, uses credible outside sources, and incorporates elements of SEO such as keywords and hyperlinks to give his articles more visibility. In addition, John has first-hand experience in travelling and learning a second language fluently.
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John's writing incorporates relatable angles and perspectives that put complex ideas into understandable terms. He uses news, research, and a carefully composed writing style to write:

*Informative articles
*Instructional articles
*Travel articles
*Business articles


John has a passion for foreign languages. He learned German during his time in Austria and is currently learning Spanish.


Montclair State University

John has a double major and a double concentration. He first major is Business Administration with a Concentration in Economics and International Business. His second major is German studies. John has a 4.0 GPA and won a full scholarship to study abroad in Graz, Austria. In addition, John is a member of the Honors Program at his university. His expected graduation date is May 2015.


300 Projects Completed

John has written over 300 about various topics related to inbound marketing. He writes about marketing strategies, new trends and developments, marketing software, and several platforms of social media.


200 Projects Completed

John has written over 200 articles related to cloud computing, cloud desktop, data backup, business continuity, VoIP, and marketing software. His target audience is typically small business owners who are interested in a technology solution to improve their business operations.

Search Marketing

150 Projects Completed

John has written over 100 articles about search marketing. He writes about new trends, updates to search engine algorithms, and content marketing.


25 Projects Completed

John has written about 25 articles related to law. He's covered different topics such as car accidents, foreclosure, and personal injury.


1 Projects Completed

John is just beginning to write travel articles. In addition to seeing 32 states, John has also been to 20 countries ranging from North America to Europe. He also has experience in learning foreign languages.

Blog Post

802 Projects Completed

John's writing is typically used for blog posts, although it's also been seen in newsletters and featured on websites. In his blog posts, John keeps a conversational tone and incorporates elements of SEO to increase the blog's visibility.

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