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Cathy has over 20 years of banking experience. As the Senior Vice President for Cash Management, she was responsible for growing commercial deposit accounts by $500 million with low customer turnover. Her strength in writing proposals for Invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposals for government, medical and non-profit account relationships contributed to this phenomenal growth. In addition, she developed the bank's business online banking platform and oversaw the tax division's consumer website development. She is past president of the Kentucky Treasury Management Association.

Skilled in 3rd party negotiations, Cathy excels in tailoring contracts for an organization's specific needs. With strong business acumen, she understands the importance of examining situations from several angles before making decisions.

Cathy is a member of the Center for Non-Profit Excellence and has 13 years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising with a specialty in hospice care. She successfully works with boards of directors, management teams, and marketing departments to increase their revenues and improve net profits. Specifically, she focuses on website content, short print articles, print marketing materials, press releases, and social media as drivers of increased revenue. Cathy is proficient in grant writing and specializes in foundation grant proposals. Her work with boards of directors focuses on strengthened communications between board members and the organization as a means to increase fundraising and improve overall governance.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

Including her tenure as chairperson of the board and as Vice President of Advancement, Cathy has over 13 years of direct experience working with non-profit organizations. Her specialty is revenue production through fundraising and marketing. Her relationship skills as a successful banker apply to the roles she has maintained in non-profit volunteering and employment. Cathy writes grant applications, magazine articles, brochure pieces and website content that sell the organization's mission. This writing process routinely helps the non-profit organize their own strategic goals.

As an experienced manager, Cathy applies her writing skills to producing high quality job descriptions, departmental goals, and high-level strategies. She understands the big picture as well as the day-to-day needs of the organization.


Cathy has over 20 years of experience in commercial and consumer banking. She was most successful in sales and relationship banking. Her strengths lie in creating strong proposals for commercial banking services, developing product marketing pieces for print or website usage, and tailoring contracts from third party vendors to meet organizational needs.


Cathy's passion and experience as a successful field hockey player and coach combined with her creative writing talent offer schools an insightful opportunity to promote their sports programs through various marketing outlets. She provides insightful writing for program descriptions that may be used on websites and print media. Her creative player and team profiles for online and print articles help schools differentiate their athletic programs from their competitors.

Product Projects

  • Grant/Proposal50+
  • Blog Post9
  • Brochure9
  • Article4
  • Press Release3
  • Product Description3

Summary of Product Experience


Cathy's strongest skill is sales writing. Through her combined banking and non-profit experience, she has successfully raised over $500 million in capital for her employers. She fully grasps how to combine storytelling with sales language to engage the prospect to consider her organization's proposal.

Blog Post

Cathy enjoys writing for travel blogs. She favors photojournalistic entries and sometimes offers a self-deprecating style of humor to them.


Cathy is experienced in writing marketing pieces for brochures. She understands the need for concise yet appealing language to engage the reader. Her writing always reflects her eye for sales and product promotions.


Cathy writes articles for the non-profit and banking industry using her creative non-fiction experience. The articles are industry specific. They tell a story about the intended subject matter and offer inspiration to readers of all ages.

Press Release

Cathy adheres to the philosophy that a properly timed and written press release is one of the best free forms of advertising for a company or non-profit. In addition to providing factual detail about an event or happening, the release promotes an organization's strong points.

Product Description

Cathy is experienced in writing marketing pieces for brochures. She understands the need for concise yet appealing language to engage the reader. Her writing always reflects her eye for sales and product promotions.

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