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With experience ranging from politics to computers, Alex is capable of writing on a wide range of topics. He has formal college training in journalism and is dedicated to writing accurate, purposeful articles dedicated to educate readers.

Alex strives to discuss the most important issues facing the country. He has written articles about campaign finance reform, gender issues and higher education.

As the founder of a gaming news website, Alex has experience in one of the fastest growing entertainment industries. He has written about a number of games, including both indie and triple-A titles. As the founder and manager of the website, Alex has also gained experience in SEO and other web marketing skills.

With a degree in computer information systems, Alex possesses over eight years of experience working in web development and programming. He is largely experienced in coding PHP applications, designing databases, and working with web server software, including Apache.

Additionally, Alex has worked as a computer technician, where most of his work involved repairing computers, resolving software issues and removing viruses.
Web Development


Journalism, politics, web development, gaming, search engine optimization, networking, databases, programming, computer repair, and virus removal.


Civil rights, foreign policy, campaign finance reform, social issues, web development, web design, gaming, science, technology, voice acting, musical composition, television, movies, and photography.


Umpqua Community College

This degree program provided comprehensive education in computer-related topics, including hardware repair, programming, web development, database design, networking, operating systems and server administration.

Umpqua Community College

This degree resulted in comprehensive education in politics and journalism. Courses included political science, writing and journalism classes.


24 Projects Completed

As owner, web developer and content producer for Game State, Alex has written dozens of game- and entertainment-related articles, ranging from news to reviews. He also revised these articles with high-quality SEO keywords and standards. Alex is also the copywriter for Game State and has written many information pages designed to garner readers.

Web Development

20 Projects Completed

As a freelance web developer for eight years, Alex has worked for and advised clients to produce the highest quality content. He has experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Apache. He has worked on projects ranging from entire websites to coding plugins. Alex also has experience in content management systems, including WordPress and Joomla.


12 Projects Completed

As an award-winning columnist and reporter for The Mainstream, Alex published in-depth analysis of state-wide and national politics, social issues and the education system. He has direct experience in politics and currently sits as a board member for Independent Voters of Oregon, an unaffiliated voter group that seeks to end government gridlock and corruption.


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