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Shanna is a strong content writer with a background in environmental planning and natural resources management.

She has composed newsletter articles for environmental organizations, grant proposals, project reports, press releases, and white papers. She has also produced general web content for an energy agency and news blurbs for an endangered species organization.

She has a strong knowledge of wildlife conservation. She understands the principles of ecology, hydrology, and habitat restoration; and she is knowledgeable of natural resource law and policy.

She has produced two academic papers, one on wetland management that was presented at the international Democratic Design Conference in Taiwan, and one on watershed management, which was presented at a River Restoration Symposium.

When she isn't writing about environmental issues, Shanna delights in exploring new cultures through travel. During the summer of 2014, she traveled to seven countries on three continents. She maintained a personal blog to keep family and friends abreast of her experiences, and photographed her journey for a travel fellowship. She blogged about the history of place, current culture, local religions and traditions, and her experiences in nature.

Besides her most recent trip to South America, Europe, and Asia, she has visited Australia once, Africa twice, and Central America three times. Her second trip to Africa (taken in January 2014) inspired her to write a moving novel about elephants.

Shanna is now a professional freelance writer and is dedicated to providing high quality pieces to her clients with a quick turnaround.


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Green Services

Shanna has an extensive knowledge of local and global sustainability issues, which she developed over eight years in school and work and in her personal life.

Shanna spent a year working with an energy agency, drafting outreach materials and coordinating workshops on energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy. She converted technical information into understandable language and taught elementary school students the principles of solar and wind power.

Shanna also spent a year working with a watershed management non-profit, performing riparian habitat restoration, writing grant proposals and project reports, and coordinating a large scale environmental education fair.

Shanna has written web content for the Landscape Architecture Foundation, along with academic papers on an array of green topics. These topics include: water management, environmental planning, urban gardens, urban ecology, natural resources law, environmental education, and sustainability.

Green Living

Shanna has made it her mission to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

She spent a year working with an energy agency, during which she learned and taught others about energy efficiency and conservation practices they can implement in their own homes. She coordinated workshops on these topics and wrote web content for the organization's website.

She is also knowledgeable in the fields of water conservation, local and organic foods, sustainable land management practices, and eco-friendly transportation options. When she isn't walking places or taking public transportation, she drives a hybrid; and she is well-versed in car-sharing options. She is committed to eating organic and free-range foods, and she understands the complexities inherent in the global food production system.

Non Profit

Prior to attending graduate school, Shanna worked with a non-profit river restoration organization. She developed grant proposals, project reports, professional correspondence, and a how-to guide for her position.

She currently serves as the volunteer communications coordinator for a non-profit endangered species organization. She produces two news blurbs a month, along with the occasional newsletter article about the organization's efforts to protect the black-faced spoonbill.


Shanna has visited nineteen countries on six continents. During her most recent trip, which took her to Peru, England, Italy, Japan, and South Korea, among other locations, she blogged about her journey and maintained a photo journal.

Shanna has done extensive research on travel opportunities and resources for travelers, which she enjoyed sharing with her blog followers over the summer. She is excited to continue exploring the world and sharing what she learns with your audience.

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