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Ashley graduated a year early from high school before making her way into college to expand on her writing experience. Due to a recent move for business reasons, college was put on a short hold until she gets settled in her new location.

Ashley currently manages social media for an upcoming gaming community company along with editing content for their website and organizing it for readability and consistency.

For the time being, Ashley resides in Arizona until she moves to California where the gaming project will pick up speed and she can continue to write the lore for the game world.


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Ashley N's Presentation Product Experience

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Ashley has created presentational guides for different areas of video games using both Photoshop and Sony Vegas.

Industry Projects

  • Gaming5
  • Relationships1
  • Spirituality1

Summary of Industry Experience


Being around video games all her life and staying up to date with the latest games, consoles, and accessories, Ashley has great experience in this area and has written pieces involving how-tos, troubleshooting consoles, and gaming accessories.


Interested in how people interact with each other romantically, Ashley has taken a psychology class and read many books to learn more about the differences between the genders and why they do what they do. She has written on what to avoid doing in romantic relationships and what you can do different to better it.


Having turned away from traditional religion at the age of 14, Ashley began to focus more on her non-religious spiritual growth reading dozens of books on chakra healing, spiritual vibrations, the spirit world, and astral projection.

Product Projects

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  • Newsletter Content3
  • Facebook Post1
  • Twitter Post1

Summary of Product Experience


Ashley has created presentational guides for different areas of video games using both Photoshop and Sony Vegas.

Newsletter Content

To keep the viewers of the gaming community website up to date, Ashley creates interesting articles on upcoming tournaments, major changes, and other major news in the gaming world.

Facebook Post

Ashley manages social media for a gaming community company, posting entertaining and informative posts on the Facebook and was previously a Facebook admin for another gaming page.

Twitter Post

Ashley doesn't just stick to Facebook when managing social media, even branching out to Twitter to create short posts with enough information to get the point across.

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