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Jessica is a proficient research writer who has high marks in creative writing as well as SEO. On a recent exam, she scored in the top 20% of writers in Creative Writing and English proficiency. She is also in the top 30 percentile for Content Writing. Her commissioned works have netted her 4 out of 5 stars. The articles she writes for HubPages are always high-scoring and every one of them has been approved for Featured status.
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Jessica specializes in research and article writing, though she also has interest in creative writing. She enjoys combining her skill as a researcher with the joy of creativity to create appealing works no matter the assignment. She also has experience in writing for SEO clients.


Outside of writing for professional or academic means, Jessica enjoys writing short stories and poetry. She often creates small stories to tell her daughter during rainy days. She also enjoys sketching and digital painting.

When not indulging her own creativity, you can probably find her playing video games, watching other people play video games, or shopping for more video games. (Sometimes all three at the same time.)


University of Phoenix

Jessica has established herself as a dynamic writer in every class. Her report on Multiverse VS. Cyclic Universe models was used as a class example of a perfect paper in her Writing For Research class. Her papers regularly score in the highest grades of her class.


81 Projects Completed

Jessica is particularly interested in writing compare-and-contrast types of articles, wherein two subjects are examined for their similarities and differences. An example of this is when a client asked for a comparison between two photographers, which can be seen in the extract below.


11 Projects Completed

A number of SEO articles for a wide variety of projects, including real estate, biopharm, and product reviews. All subjects were thoroughly researched and the articles were turned in and accepted in less than 24 hours.


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A life-long avid gamer, Jessica plays just about every genre of game available. She is particularly experienced in PC gaming, as well as retro consoles. In her spare time she creates comedic gaming-centric videos for YouTube. She also runs a gaming-centric blog featuring reviews and insights into the industry.

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347 Projects Completed

Having been a blogger since age 12, Jessica has taken that hobby and turned it into an area of expertise. She creates engaging, witty blog posts that viewers are excited to read. Her skills are perfect for SEO-oriented posts, as well as informative, well-researched posts to educate the audience.


123 Projects Completed

Jessica utilizes her expert researching skills and sources to craft reader-friendly articles on virtually any topic. In fact, article writing is her favorite type of order, because she loves the joy of helping others, while learning new things herself. She is experienced in writing in various tones to suit her client's needs; from lighthearted comedy, to serious and informative.

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