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Jaclynn has a well-rounded background in content writing and editing. As a copy and design editor for Web.com, she created and corrected content for hundreds of small, medium, and large business websites. She has extensive SEO knowledge and has received accolades for producing error-free work at a high volume. Her industry knowledge spans from culinary, construction, and law to education, fashion, medical, sports, outdoors and nature, church and spirituality, and charitable businesses.


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Jaclynn W's Mobile Content Product Experience

100 Projects Completed

Jaclynn helped in the creation of mobile-friendly content for businesses looking to create availability on-the-go. She utilized her skills in creating concise, informative, and creative content to boost the mobile content presence of many companies.

Industry Projects

  • Beauty100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Gaming100+
  • Music100+
  • Outdoor/Recreation100+
  • Pets100+
  • Spirituality100+
  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Food50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jaclynn's experience in writing content for beauty salons, spas, and massage parlors has created online presence, interest, and profits based on excellent copy and SEO.


Jaclynn styled her content to match the tone and target audience of many up-and-coming clothing, accessory, and makeup-centered businesses. With a mind for appealing copy, Jaclynn has been able to increase traffic on websites and help in the branding of products.


Jaclynn's work as a video and computer game sales representative has helped her in writing copy for many gaming stores, from tabletop to online platforms. Her knowledge of the industry, trends, and releases makes her an asset to any gaming business.


Jaclynn has worked with clients involved in most genres of music, from bluegrass and blues to electronica and hip hop. Her knowledge of the industry comes from networking ties in booking agencies and record labels.


Jaclynn's love of the great outdoors means she is up-to-date on the latest gadgets and most desired locations. Whether consumers are looking for the perfect afternoon park destination or the right equipment for camping in even the most treacherous locations, Jaclynn has the knowledge to write content that addresses every outdoor and recreation need.


Jaclynn's interest in animals and charitable organizations, such as The Humane Society, has made her well-informed in the needs of pets all around the world. When you need research and copy regarding training and nutrition information, forever-homes, and promotions for adoptions, Jaclynn has the experience. She has created copy for several services including, veterinary offices and shelters.


Jaclynn has created content for several different spirituality-based businesses. From meditation aides to scripture, she has written copy to regard different faiths with respect and the push they need to send their message.

Consumer Goods

Jaclynn has worked on many small business websites in order to highlight their products effectiveness, efficiency, and/or appeal. She has created and edited content for fashion, construction, plumbing, HVAC, sports, outdoors, and medical industries with great effectiveness. She has utilized her knowledge of SEO to cultivate interest in her client's products.


Jaclynn has written content for many businesses in the entertainment industry. Most notably, she has boosted SEO and readability for businesses looking to entice audiences to attend concerts, festivals, and events across US and Canada.


Jaclynn has redesigned and written copy for restaurant websites and food product suppliers to create a welcoming atmosphere and online presences. Specifically working with mom-and-pop restaurants, she has given these local restaurants a chance to standout amongst the popular chains by creating SEO value and content that draws customer's attention.

Product Projects

  • Web Page500+
  • Brochure100+
  • Facebook Post100+
  • Mobile Content100+
  • Product Description100+
  • Advertisement100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Jaclynn was responsible for the copywriting and editing of hundreds of company websites. She worked with veterinary services, restaurants, contractors, law firms, schools, and many more businesses in order to develop content that boosted traffic and consumer interest.


Jaclynn created brochure websites for businesses that needed to create an online presence. Most of these companies were experimenting with new websites, and with Jaclynn's knowledge of SEO and interesting copy, they soon saw the benefits of being available online.

Facebook Post

Jaclynn wrote Facebook posts for several different companies, creating a living presence in the news feeds of customers and potential customers. Her posts drew customer responses and "likes" in order to spread company names throughout the internet.

Mobile Content

Jaclynn helped in the creation of mobile-friendly content for businesses looking to create availability on-the-go. She utilized her skills in creating concise, informative, and creative content to boost the mobile content presence of many companies.

Product Description

Working with a diverse set of vendors, Jaclynn created copy that allowed customers to see the benefits of products through interesting descriptions. She combined needed information with a positive tone to generate more customer interest and profits.


Jaclynn worked in the advertisement of small, medium, and large businesses via web content. She edited copy and design in order to create consumer-friendly and appealing information to draw in more customers. Her knowledge of SEO was key to creating a presence on the web for businesses of any size.

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