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Kevin has been writing in a variety of styles for over 10 years.

His classical drama and foreign-language training provides him with the flexibility of mind and technical ability to understand and simplify language for any audience, both on the web and in print.

Kevin has written classically inspired dramatic works, scientific papers, journalistic reports, corporate copy, ad copy, and humor pieces.

He will work with you to develop a direct line of communication to your audience.


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While working at this Brooklyn start-up, Kevin wrote copy and edited content in a consistent voice throughout company web pages, translated--from a non-native English speaker--content into contemporary American English, and developed distinct Wordpress.org sites with various voices geared towards target markets.

Non Profit

While working for a nationally known non-profit in New York City, Kevin wrote journalistic pieces in addition to his typical web development duties.


Kevin has been writing and performing original comedy for over 4 years. Based in Brooklyn, New York, he currently has over 900 Twitter followers.


Kevin recently wrote, edited, and published an original Off- Broadway production titled, 'Turtleback High.'

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Kevin has helped in the development of websites for small business-to-business start-ups and large non-profit organizations.

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