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Zach's ear for economy of language and eye for quality came when he began writing and publishing poetry in college. Later, while producing content for the fine wine and fine dining industries, Zach drew on 5+ years of working in restaurants and wineries around Oregon for inspiration and understanding of style and tone. As a freelance writer, Zach has blogged to boost traffic and drive click-through, and has developed direct marketing campaigns that brought customers through the doors. Through all of these diverse experiences he's delivered work to his clients that has embodied clarity, economy, and quality.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Zach has experience writing press releases, product description, and blog posts in the fine wine industry. Experience writing poetry proved important for writing wine "tasting notes," while three years writing for his college newspaper shaped his writing of press releases. Wine's lack of concrete qualifiers makes it notoriously difficult to write about, but Zach conquered this obstacle by writing concise, informative, and interesting prose.


Provided news outlets like Eater PDX and Portland Monthly Magazine with crucial information about the opening of a restaurant's new dining room addition. Zach also helped to create a direct marketing postcard to be distributed around local wineries which brought traffic through the doors of the restaurant.


Drove web traffic and click-through by writing informative blog posts for The Retreat at Lancaster County, a drug and alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania.


Zach's four years working in Event Service taught him the basics of hospitality and customer service. His empathy for customers gives him the ability to write what customers want and need to hear.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Press Release2
  • Web Page1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Starting his first blog in 12th grade, Zach has started four blogs spanning topics from social justice to food. It was no surprise that writing blog posts professionally would eventually become part of his career. Zach specializes in posts from 250-600 words.

Press Release

Adapting from his experience in news reporting, Zach writes clear, informative, professional press release. Using the skills he learned as a reporter for his college newspaper, Zach understands the correct prioritization and distribution of information for the most impacting results.

Web Page

Zach's tonal adaptability makes his writing perfect for many web page content writing applications. From conversational, to authoritative, Zach's writing can fit seamlessly into a broad set of specifications.

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