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Jordan has extensive experience with international relations. During his undergraduate studies he studied the Palestinian-Israeli conflict while in the Middle East. He also represented his university at two national Model United Nations events; after which he spent a week at the UN with the Albanian delegation as an intern. During his studies Jordan discovered a passion for writing and is now a freelance writer, blogger, and has even started a fiction novel.

In his final semester of undergraduate studies he completed an internship working for Congressman Jason Chaffetz and gain experience in domestic politics as well. He worked with the constituents of Congressman Chaffetz's district as well as aiding in organizational and research projects.

Beyond his expertise in political philosophy and world affairs, Jordan also has experience in freelance web design, IT, and Cybersecurity. He studied IT security as a minor during his undergrad and currently works for a cybersecurity firm to pay for his graduate program. This experience makes him a strong writer for cybersecurity, IT, and web design related topics.


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(This was an unpaid internship. No paid projects.)

Jordan wrote emails and letters to constituents of Congressman Chaffetz's on a regular basis and knows how to address people and format a message professionally and powerfully.

The excerpt is from a letter written for Representative Chaffetz to a constituent.


(Most of his writing was academic and unpaid)

Jordan published an article in an academic journal for history and political science at Utah Valley University. He has had extensive experience in writing about political philosophy and economics. Throughout his bachelor's degree he wrote dozens of papers discussing various aspects of politics. He is also starting a political blog in which current events and hot topics are discussed.

The sample is from his published article.


Jordan has worked for 2 years at a cybersecurity firm where he helped clients obtain and maintain security standards for credit card information. He has in-depth knowledge of network management, design and security. He knows testing techniques for security and has done some web design for his current company. This familiarity with IT technology gives him a strong grasp of topics and knowledge to be used in writing instructional, or intellectual pieces regarding technology.

Web Development

Jordan has done freelance web design as well as some internal web design for projects companies he worked for. He is familiar with coding HTML, Javascript, Python, PHP and SQL. His insights into how websites work provide him a strong knowledge base for writing intellectual pieces about technology and web design.

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