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Twenty-eight years ago, Alicia wrote two exhilarating words to complete her first short story and ignite her passion for writing--"The End". Alicia is a lover of written words and it shows through the quality of her work.

Alicia offer clients strong written and verbal communications skills, including over 10 years of business and creative writing experience. Her range of writing experience includes articles, reports, policy and procedure manuals, blogs, website content, and novels. She has worked in the utility (14 years), publishing (9 years), banking (3 years), and retail (2 years) industries and also written material for schools and churches.

Familiarity with AP Style and other writing guidelines combined with solid interviewing skills enables Alicia to tailor her writing to different audiences, clearly present the intended message, and produce enlightening material.

Being an author of two inspirational novels and owner of an independent book publishing company, Alicia is able to understand the clients' needs from a business owner's perspective. She is actively involved in all aspects of book production, which includes manuscript editing and cover and interior page designs. She has designed and written press releases, media kits, and helped create materials such as postcards, brochures, and newsletters. She also maintain her business websites and internet social media content.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Alicia has been in the publishing industry for nine years. She founded an independent book publishing services company, to produce her own work and has assisted other authors in making their book publishing dreams come true. She is actively involved in all aspects of book production, which includes manuscript editing and cover and interior page designs. For promotional purposes, she writes press releases, website and social media content and assist in designing materials such as postcards, brochures, presentations, and newsletters.


Human interest stories are one of Alicia's favorite things to write. She has written these types of articles for corporate and non-profit publications. Her compassion for people is also nurtured through volunteering her time as a mentor to children in the Richmond Public Schools' Lunch Buddy program and Junior Achievement organization. Meals on Wheels is another organization she serves by delivering meals to those who require food assistance. Alicia's relationship experiences as a wife (of 14 years), mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. inspire some of the material she writes.


Alicia's Christian faith is the guiding light for her life. She has shared revelations along her spiritual journey through a personal blog on WordPress and in the inspirational novels she penned. In her writing she strives to present biblical principles in ways that are comprehensible to those who new or unfamiliar with Christianity and how scripture can be practically applied to everyday living.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Alicia has written press releases to announce the publication of books by her publishing company clients. The press releases sent for distribution by several online press release websites to include:

* PRlog.com
* 24-7PressRelease.com
* PR.com

Web Page

Alicia is responsible for the content of two websites used to promote her independent publishing company and books. There are seven pages of information found on her personal website: (1)Home Page, (2)Biography, (3)Books by Alicia, (4)Events, (5)Book Reviews & Media, (6)Be Encouraged, and (7)Contact Alicia.

Her publishing company's website includes eight pages of information for inspiring authors who would like to independently publish their work. Pages on this website include: (1)Home (2)About Us (3)The Self-publishing Process (4)Services (5)Submissions (6)Bookstore (7)Writer's Corner (8)Contact Us

These websites were created using a software program called Serif WebPlus 4 that features a variety of templates and advanced design options.


Alicia has written articles for Corporate and small business newsletters. Most of her articles have been human interest stories that are not only informative, but evoke emotion in the readers. Alicia doesn't limit her article writing to human interests. She enjoys the challenge and knowledge gained through researching and writing engaging content on new topics.

Blog Post

Alicia has created a blog to compliment the themes found in her inspirational novels. Her blog on WordPress.com that contain spiritual posts on faith, forgiveness, relationships, and other uplifting topics.

Facebook Post

Alicia maintains two Facebook pages used to promote her independent publishing company and books. The posts on Friends of Books by Alicia have a casual, personal tone intended to engage and connect with readers. The publishing company's page is used to share book publishing tips with inspiring and published authors.

Newsletter Content

Alicia has written newsletter content for her publishing company, as well as others. Some of the information contained in these newsletters included feature stories (accomplishments, success, etc.), news about the organization, project updates or results, upcoming events, useful resources (tips, quotes, etc.).

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