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Erica received her Bachelor's Degree in English with a creative writing concentration from San Francisco State University and her Master's Degree in Theatre from San Diego State University. During graduate school, Erica gained experience in a variety of writing formats including MLA and academic writing as well as press releases, study guides, actor packets, program notes, posters, social media, website content, and other marketing and informational materials from her dramaturgy jobs in theatre. She is fond of the magical realism genre in creative writing and has written poetry, short stories, and two novels.

Currently, Erica works part-time as a product photographer and vitamin clerk in the natural health and beauty department which includes customer service and familiarity with healthy lifestyle options, herbal healing, and alternative medicine. Erica is self-taught in programs such as Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, and Photoshop. Her hobbies, which she is always eager to explore through writing, include traveling, camping, videogames and tea. She believes that improving her general knowledge will strengthen her understanding of the world which will allow her to expand her styles and subjects in writing.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Working as a freelance dramaturg in theatre, Erica must be adept at handling many different tasks, from marketing to study guides and even graphic design, to meet the needs of a production.

Erica's dramaturgical projects have included:
* Creating websites and content for theatre showings to increase interest and ticket sales
* Assist in social media marketing to increase production awareness and garner interest
* Research contextual and historical information to ensure accuracy for time period, credibility of a script, and enrich actor and audience understanding of the play
* Create marketing tools, posters, interactive content, and program notes for audiences
* Assist playwrights in developing work as well as reading cold submissions to establish how well a fit work is with a theatre
* Organize and moderate pre and post-show discussions


Erica was a graduate assistant for the maximum allotted amount of three semesters while earning her Master's Degree. Duties included leading full class lectures, giving short presentations, creating and grading coursework, and holding regular office hours for students to address any questions or concerns about their work.


Erica works with customers to educate them and help them find natural herbs, homeopathic, vitamin, and other natural supplemental products to achieve their health goals. Other duties include product order, backup receiving, magazines, and attending educational trainings offered by companies.

Erica is given any project that includes computer or written work. One example of self-initiated writing projects are how-to guides that assist coworkers in learning job procedures.

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