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Anita has had a lifelong passion for writing. She has been a freelance writer for over a year and has written quality and creative content articles, SEO copy writing, and blogs for a variety of clients on social media and company websites on an array of subjects.

Having been introduced to the food and beverage industry at an early age she assisted in managing the family business and later became co-owner. Anita is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the daily operations to successfully run a casual dining restaurant.

Years in the business have taught her the value and importance of quality standards and service. She continues to implement these values in every assignment she receives. Her skills and experience in this industry give her the qualifications to write on a variety of topics in this area.

Prior to owning a business she was elected twice as tax collector for her hometown in Pennsylvania and served the property owners for 5 years. Anita received certificates of completion in bookkeeping, accounting, and training for elected auditors while fulfilling her terms.

During that time she also served as a legislative aid for her districts state representative as a liaison assisting constituents with all issues concerning state matters. Holding these positions has given her the understanding and knowledge of local and state procedures.

An insatiable interest and curiosity for politics, the law, research and writing she left the food and beverage industry. Anita satisfied her curiosity and pursued her interest by studying in the field of Paralegal/Legal Assistance completing the course with honors. Proficient in legal research, terminology, and writings can now be added to her resume. She is currently studying for a certification in advance legal research. Returning to school and changing careers has confirmed to her you can accomplish anything you put your mind to with hard work and perseverance.

Determined to meet the needs and satisfaction of the customers, she has continuously submitted completed assignments by the required deadline and, more importantly, to the approval of the clients. With the irresistible need to learn new things she is constantly inspired to produce creative, quality writings and aspires to do so for years to come.

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Anita has an interest and has composed writings in the following industries - business, construction, education, environment, fashion, finance, fitness, food, legal, medical, pets, real estate, technology, and travel. Though successfully writing in these areas, she particularly enjoys writing material which pertains to business, finance, food, law, real estate and traveling.


When she is not working or writing Anita enjoys the beach, cooking, fishing, football, golfing, reading, and watching movies in her free time.


Blackstone Career Institute

While always having an interest in the law Anita, in order to fulfill her goals, began an independent study program at The Blackstone Paralegal Career Institute to begin learning all aspects of the law and applying it to a new career path. The program she enrolled in is based on the historic Modern American Law series which was developed and designed by legal scholars.

Her studies began with an overview of the origins of the legal system in the United States. She then moved on to study contracts, criminal law, torts, real property, pleadings and practice in civil law and criminal procedure, wills and trusts, partnerships and corporations, and constitutional law.

In addition to learning the essential of the law she was taught the skills needed to enter into the paralegal field, including research and writing skills and a background in professional ethics.
Upon completion of the course it has given her a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the law.

Anita successfully graduated from the paralegal/legal assistant program receiving her diploma with honors and is currently working on a certificate at the LexisNexis University for advancement in legal research.

Real Estate

50 Projects Completed

While the real estate industry has made a comeback from the prior years it is more vital than ever to continue re-gaining the consumers confidence and keep them investing. Writing more than fifty articles, blogs, etc for social media and websites on various topics in the business, Anita knows the importance of agencies wanting to give their clients the security and knowledge to put their trust in them.


40 Projects Completed

They saying is write about what you love and know. Anita thoroughly enjoys traveling and writing about new places. Writing a travel blog or article is meant to spawn interest in people to visit new places. It's important to give the reader an eye-catching text so that they feel they are right there. Having written more than forty types of content for lodging, transportation, and travel agencies has given her the experience in informing the traveler of the wonderful experiences and memories they will get from visiting these locations.


30 Projects Completed

With the increasing need to advertise businesses through social media and websites it is no wonder that attorneys are starting to utilize these means as a marketing strategy. Anita is knowledgeable in the fundamentals of law having received a diploma in the field of paralegal/legal assisting. Having written more than thirty types of text for law firms she has the experience of taking legalese and turning it into layman terms for the client.

Blog Post

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Creating a blog post should be short and written for ordinary people to hold their interest. A well printed blog post should connect, bring traffic, and share with the reader. Having written for writing forums where the majority of clients requested blogs, has given Anita the practice and experience to meet the needs of the customers while engaging the readers.

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