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Bill is a full-time, professional freelancer with more than five years of experience in the field. During that time he has written blog posts, advertising copy, and product descriptions for a broad customer base. His clients include technology consultants, restroom equipment vendors, and apparel merchandisers.

He weaves cutting-edge SEO principles into his content, engaging readers while empowering his client's pages to rank high in SERPs. This enables them to build and maintain a large, enthusiastic base of site visitors.


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William W's Hardware Industry Experience

31 Projects Completed

Articles written for general audiences explaining how to choose products like desktops PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Most of Bill's work has been geared to those new to these topics.

Industry Projects

  • Auto100+
  • Construction50+
  • Home Living50+
  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Transportation50+
  • Career20+
  • Hardware20+
  • High Tech20+
  • Green Services20+
  • Green Products20+
  • Technology10+
  • Search Marketing10+
  • Marketing10+
  • Office1

Summary of Industry Experience


Articles focusing on a range of auto-related topics. These include: profiles of both new and classic vehicles, how-to posts on vehicle maintenance, and discussions of current issues related to all forms of transportation.

Practical experience with all types of vehicle maintenance, including brake repair, fuel system troubleshooting, and powertrain diagnosis and replacement.


Articles covering topics like the importance of proper grading, spotting erosion problems, and procedures for post-construction cleanup.

Experience working in the industry as a carpenter's helper.

Completion of home improvement projects like decks and water features.

Home Living

Bill has written articles about choosing the best types of furnishings and accessories for one's home. He discusses factors like: room size, intended use of furnishings, and preparing for the effects of pets, kids, and stains from spilled food and beverages. He has also covered the concerns parents must face when choosing safe, usable furnishings for their kid's rooms.

Consumer Goods

Product descriptions and blog posts detailing the benefits of goods and services for prospective buyers. Examples include: furniture, clothing, electronics, and personal care devices. Bill emphasizes benefits in his copy, not features. He keeps the text succinct, upbeat, and polished. He avoids controversy and strives to both inform and educate.


Bill has written articles covering subjects like the following: the shift in road planning towards multiple forms of transportation; the growing challenge of America's deteriorating infrastructure; and strategies for ensuring commuter safety in public transportation venues.


Blog posts and articles covering the growing movement towards outsourcing, the increasing role of employment agencies, and principles of effective management.

Bill has covered specific topics like the following: the problem of intra-company tribalism, the benefits of Total Quality Management (TQM), and the increasing challenge that globalization places on domestic firms.


Articles written for general audiences explaining how to choose products like desktops PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Most of Bill's work has been geared to those new to these topics.

High Tech

Bill has authored blog posts and articles explaining the nature and significance of technological developments like the move to cloud-based apps.

Green Services

Blog posts explaining the benefits of solar panel installation and use of products with low VOC content. Articles explaining how current trends in infrastructure planning will affect air quality and product consumption patterns. Discussing the prospects offered by new technology to reduce pollution and make life healthier for all people. Summarizing the still-existing hurdles to adopting new approaches like wind, fusion, and geothermal power.

Green Products

Articles and ad copy explaining the environmental and economic benefits of green products. Bill's writing stresses how these items offer long-term benefits that more than offset their initial costs. He strives for a balance between appeals to personal interests and concern for the planet's well-being. He only cites sources with a track record of providing objective, well-supported information.


A+ certification in computer troubleshooting and repair. Setting up home networks, removing viruses at the registry level, and replacing defective hardware. Assisting purchasers of devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to choose the right products for their needs. Teaching basic PC skills like Internet browsing, using search engines, and guarding against viruses.

Search Marketing

Selecting keywords for article inclusion by using tools like Google Analytics and SEO Moz. Choosing where to locate each term in the body of an article, how frequently to include it, and how many terms to use in a piece given its size, all while avoiding "keyword stuffing." Blending keywords as naturally as possible into the text.


Assisting SEO firms in creating content marketing and copywriting campaigns for clients. Listening to clients needs, discussing relevant experience in the fields they work in, and proposing a topic list for a website blog. Following up by creating the agreed upon content and ensuring it meets their expectations.


Determining what resources are needed for an effective, comfortable home office, including technology, furniture, and supplies. Considering where to create the work space, account for noise levels from other family activities, and safeguard the need for privacy. Bill channeled these insights into an article for those facing the same tasks.

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