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Amy is an experienced journalistic writer, with command of AP style and a working knowledge of SEO tactics. She has been published in news congregates, music magazines and a women's magazine. After a break from working to stay home with her two young children, she has been blogging for a local radio station's website since January, where she has garnered up to over 3,000 views for her articles about local music festivals, pop-culture, science, music, and news blogs. Using compelling language, Amy creates pieces that are engaging and informative.


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  • Hospitality1,000+
  • Music20+
  • Humor10+
  • Science7
  • Women6

Summary of Industry Experience


Amy worked in restaurants as both a waitress and a bartender while in college and graduate school. She is knowledgeable about customer relations and various other aspects of the restaurant industry and accompanying lifestyle of the owners and employees.


Amy has reviewed various music events locally. She has written about musicians and their lives and deaths, themes and trends within the music industry, as well as promotional articles for upcoming events. She has interviewed bands and musicians, reviewed albums, and blogged for websites aiming at an edgy, younger audience.


Amy often uses humor in her writing to create a relationship with the reader. She believes humor shows humanity, which keeps people engaged. Besides, everybody likes to laugh.


Amy has written various articles having to do with animals and nature. Topics have included issues arising from habitat encroachment and non-native species invasions. Alternately she has covered topics including nuclear war, NASA's explorations and technologies, and the findings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Amy worked at Planned Parenthood for two years as an assistant and counselor. She is a mother and a wife, so she has the experience and knowledge that goes along with those life experiences. Amy has written about women's issues relating to reproductive choices and health, motherhood, and relationships.

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