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Alexander has served as an advisory board member for the Media & Arts Board for the Lifeboat Foundation for over five years. He has served them as a writer, researcher, analyst, and think tank. He has also worked with Humanity+ as well during this period as a contributing writer and think tank. Alexander has developed a very homogeneous range of skills over the last five years for a wide range of sources. He developed his technical writing and management skills while working briefly with the United States Army National Guard in 2010 as a Communications Specialist. Alexander holds a certificate in Travel Writing and was awarded a certificate in 2012 for being one of the best young poets in the world.
High Tech


- Technical Writing
- Creative Writing
- Poetry
- Copywriting
- Ghostwriting
- Transcripts
- White Paper
- Research and Analysis
- SEO Implementation
- Topics: Science, Technology, High Tech, Finance, Business


- Science
- Technology
- Transhumanism
- Gaming
- Politics
- International Development
- Globalization
- Space Tech
- Economics
- Much more..


Southern New Hampshire University

Completed several college courses while at Southern New Hampshire University (Online) such as:

- Success Strategies for Online (SNHU 107)
- Introduction to Psychology (PSY 108)
- College Composition I (ENG 120)
- Introduction to Ethics (PHL 212)


7 Projects Completed

Solid experience working as a writer and researcher involved with a homogeneous range of topics, including cybernetics, cryonics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive science, space tech, quantum mechanics, and Transhumanism.


7 Projects Completed

Experienced writer and researcher for topics including Information technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, modern refitted infrastructure, hyper-rail public transit systems and more.

High Tech

3 Projects Completed

Experienced writer, researcher, and analyst in a variety of high tech sectors including experimental computational systems, cryogenics, warp drive theory, asteroid mining, life preservation, and particle acceleration.


10 Projects Completed

Alexander's experience as an article writer has landed him work with two major non-profit organizations before the age of twenty, Humanity + and the Lifeboat Foundation. His article writing experience extensively covers topics such as science, technology, economics, finance, business, and politics. Alexander has been an article writer for close to four years.

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