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Phil has been a freelance content writer for several years. After getting his degree in Information Technology, he started off at an internet marketing company where some of his primary responsibilities were to write SEO-friendly content for local businesses. After that, he decided to turn to freelance, which he has been doing ever since. He has written hundreds of articles for different clients and in different styles. He is able to conduct research, write unique content, and have an article be SEO-friendly if necessary, all in a timely fashion.


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Phil has written hundreds of articles related to credit ratings, loans you can get with a bad credit score, how to budget your money, and how to save for retirement. He has completed these jobs as a freelance writer on other freelancing websites, receiving positive feedback on all of them.

Search Marketing

Phil worked at an internet marketing company where he wrote content for local customers. He is well versed on the latest best SEO practices, along with web development and web design techniques. He not only knows how to put these practices to use, but has also written articles on this subject.

Web Development

Phil has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. For this degree he focused mainly on web development. Since then he has worked on several websites as a freelancer, and written several articles about it. He is very familiar with the latest trends, techniques, terms, and technologies, and is able to write about them in a clear and concise manner.

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