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A graduate of West Virginia University's Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing program, Kori holds five years of experience as a college composition and creative writing instructor and now works as a freelance writer and editor. As a professional writer, she has edited and revised book manuscripts, coached high school students for creative writing competitions, developed study guides for young adult literature, and created education-oriented SEO content. Her articles for websites such as Global Post and eHow Education focus on teaching works of literature, writing guides for expository essay assignments, study skills and time management for college students, and many other topics. Her stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, including "Shenandoah," "Rubbertop Review," and "SN Review."


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Having worked as a college composition and creative writing instructor at West Virginia University and the University of Akron, Kori is a veteran educator both inside and outside of the classroom. While teaching, she mentored senior creative writing majors and developed lesson plans and activities for the university's community of composition instructors. She currently crafts study guides in young adult fiction, writes online articles about teaching creative writing and composition, and edits education-oriented projects, such as Rebecca Thomas's 2013 memoir, "The Truth Is: Confessions of an Elementary School Teacher."


Kori M holds a Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing from West Virginia University, with film criticism and analysis comprising a key component of her coursework. She has written numerous television and movie reviews for various online sources and has extensive experience in both the performance and production arenas of theater.


Kori M has written music reviews and articles for the past decade, having published her work in numerous online sources and created publicity materials and press releases for various local musicians in the Canton, Ohio areas. As a fiction writer, her stories draw significantly from musical inspirations, especially the northeastern Ohio music scene of the 1960s through the present day.

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