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Lynn's certifications and familiarity within the web and copy development space allow him to deliver concise and keyword rich copy for a variety of industries and types of projects. His professional experience keeps him up to date with the ever changing fields of tech, electronics, and sports. With extensive familiarity in these industries he has a solid foundation to work organically from, and when further research is needed he excels at using the tools necessary to find and deliver the best information possible.


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Lynn has managed website development and maintenance for a Fortune 200 satellite company for over 3 years. He has also managed the development of a SaaS website hosting and creation platform for hyperlocal businesses for the last 2 years. This platform has numerous 3rd party affiliations that requires him to stay highly tuned with trends within the tech industry.


Lynn uses some of is free time as an avid sports fan. He follows Denver teams very closely as well as anything going on within any of the major 4 professional and amateur sports (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball). He also pays close attention the English Premier League and Champions League in soccer.


Lynn's background in the telecommunications and software development industries have allowed him to stay up to date with all types of technology. This includes a robust familiarity with with business and consumer electronics, especially televisions, mobile, and tablet technologies.

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