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Harley has produced hundreds of quality informative pieces since beginning their career as a writer. They currently run several blogs and have worked as a ghostwriter for others.

Harley has an Associate's Degree in general studies.


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Harley B's Appliance Industry Experience

86 Projects Completed

Harley has written a verity of product descriptions, articles, and comparative blog posts concerning a wide array of technical specifications and general usability for everything from home essentials like washing machines and ironing boards to novelty and specialized appliances.

Industry Projects

  • Pets100+
  • Technology100+
  • Publishing100+
  • Career100+
  • Fashion50+
  • Appliance50+
  • Food50+
  • Business50+
  • Marketing50+
  • Web Development50+
  • Agriculture50+
  • Self Help50+
  • Auto50+
  • Garden50+
  • Education50+
  • Banking50+
  • Beauty20+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Fitness20+
  • Finance20+
  • Construction20+
  • Craft20+
  • Gaming20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Harley has completed several projects which required extensive research into the care and feeding of a wide variety of pets, both common and exotic. They have personally cared for pets their whole life and have knowledge of many different breeds and species, including mice and rats, snakes, birds, and horses.


Harley has knowledge of and experience with many industries and has written on several industrial and technological topics since beginning their writing career. They have written about the origins of technological advancements, their applications, and the steps one should take when choosing the right device or gadget for their needs.


Harley has experience within the self-publishing industry as both a writer and an editor and has a great deal of experience with manuscripts of all kinds at all stages of the publishing process. They have written several novellas and has worked as an editor and ghostwriter for several private clients.


Harley has written numerous articles on the subject of life-long career choices since beginning their own writing career. They have a strong interest in careers which are training-intensive or which require a very specialized set of skills and has experience summarizing various job requirements within short, informative articles.


Harley has written numerous articles, blog posts, and general-knowledge posts about various aspects of the fashion industry, both professional and personal. Over the years, they have also contributed to several articles focused on pattern-making, sewing, and design.


Harley has written a verity of product descriptions, articles, and comparative blog posts concerning a wide array of technical specifications and general usability for everything from home essentials like washing machines and ironing boards to novelty and specialized appliances.


Harley has written several projects on various aspects of food preparation, the origins of certain dishes and the role of food in both health and society. They have also written on 'non-mainstream' diets like vegetarianism and veganism.


Harley has spent much of their time researching and writing various pieces for the business world, especially in the areas of career planning, marketing, financial aspects of business of all sizes, and managing a self-started business.


Harley has written several articles and explanatory blog posts concerning different aspects of marketing, both in the past and in the current digital age. They've tackled the question of using social media for marketing from many angles and have had several of these pieces published by marketing blogs. Topics have also included building an audience and blending the digital world with the physical one to maximize your reach.

Web Development

Harley has written various technology and web development articles and blog posts during their career, mostly focused on the user experience but occasionally digging into the more technical side of things. They have written extensively on entry level skills and other topics needed to begin pursuing a career working with the web.


Harley has completed numerous articles and posts on various subjects focused on agricultural topics and interests. They have written on everything from small, home-based gardening operations to commercial farming and harvesting, including soil types, crop types, growing seasons, and the kinds of large-scale equipment that are best used for various applications.

Self Help

Harley has written numerous articles, blog posts, and other web content pertaining to many different aspects of self help, touching on everything from meditation to herbal teas to affirmations. They have also provided insight during the writing of a full-length book on the subject of self help and mental health.


Harley has written several articles and blog posts regarding topics ranging from buying or selling new or used cars, looking after an old car, and the general repair and maintenance that should be undertaken for a verity of vehicles.


Harley has written many articles addressing all aspects of gardening, both in small window-boxes and for large-scale operations. They have tackled the complexities of growing seasons, the ins and outs of 'living off the land' in less than ideal weather, and the somewhat tricky topic of herbal remedies for everyday issues.


Harley has written several projects concerning education, both for young children and for adult learners. They have tackled e-books which address the cost of formal education, the best ways for students to adjust to higher education, and the benefits of many alternative forms of learning.


Harley has written many articles dealing with a range of banking concerns, from initial investing and general savings, to planning for retirement and final expenses. They have also written a few articles pertaining to industry regulations and similar topics.


Harley has written several pieces involving the beauty industry, such as how-to guides, general tips, news, and opinion pieces on popular trends.


Harley has done a great deal of research on and written many articles, blog posts, and other general content regarding nutrition, fitness, and diets. They also have personal experience with building a diet on a budget as well as ensuring proper nutrition while on a restricted diet, whether voluntary or otherwise.


Harley has written various articles on a variety of fitness topics, at levels ranging from beginner to expert, and including all manner of workouts and routines. Topics have included everything from dance to weightlifting in the past. They have also written on fitness as a coping mechanism as well as fitness closely tied to food and other aspects.


Harley has written numerous articles, blog posts, and other content on the issue of finances and budgeting. They have also worked with others on multi-part post series and ebooks detailing the best ways to save money, grow a business, and get yourself out of debt. They have worked with various finance clients putting together guides for both small independent business and simple home budgets.


Harley has written many articles and how-to guides both for DIY projects and for construction companies. They have written extensively on the construction of outdoor spaces such as decks and workspaces, landscaping, weather-proofing existing structures, and all manner of interior renovation.


Harley has years of experience creating craft projects, including stencils, and has written several pieces pertaining to crafts and homespun arts. She is particularly knowledgeable in crochet and other fiber work, in addition to scrapbooking, working with duct tape, and painting.


Harley has been playing games since they were a child and has years of experience looking deeper into them, from technical elements like control schemes to the writing and world-building that help make the story real. She has written several small tabletop games over her lifetime, contributed to those made by friends, and has even written a few reviews of older and more modern titles.

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