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Versatile and keenly interested in lifelong learning, Harry has spent the past decade writing for sites running the gamut between Slogr.com and Today's Working Woman and has been contracted to write nearly every manner of writing, from legal contracts and press releases, to comedy sketches and guest blogs. The author of seven books, Harry enjoys the process of learning and then -- as Aristotle observed -- completing the full cycle of learning through teaching. His work has been read by millions on sites such as Yahoo! News and eHow.


Harry specializes in informative op ed pieces with folksy charm and easy-to-understand analogies.


politics, religion, entertainment, current events, social justice, home renovations, food.


California Baptist University

A lifelong learner, Harry was not ready for college when college was ready for him, so he didn't complete a formal education, but has paid for it by doing his homework ever since.


200 Projects Completed

Harry maintained 4 beats for Yahoo! News in 2011 and 2012 and write for Slogr.com in 2013.


100 Projects Completed

The author of "How I are Becomed a Very Much Better Author," and "The Indie Author Series" of eBooks for independent publishers, Harry is known as a bit of an expert on publishing in a world with eBooks.


100 Projects Completed

Harry has written about all manner of relationships -- from romantic relationships, to relationships between parents and children, bosses and underlings, and more.


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