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Carrie has been writing since completing her college degree back in 1993. She has worked as a paralegal, preparing legal documents for her managing attorney and writes freelance now that her children are in school full time.

Carrie's degree in accounting, mixed with her ability to decipher complex information, gives her the edge she needs to provide high quality, original content.
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Carrie has been writing blog posts and standard articles for dentists, healthcare providers, real estate agents and attorneys as her focus. She writes with a clear point of view, and is excellent at writing content that is precise.


Carrie loves sports, family, and being able to work from home. She is an avid researcher and loves to learn about new topics that interest her.


Greenfield Community College

Carrie studied both Accounting and English while a student at Greenfield Community College. She completed her associates degree in 1993 and has been working hard ever since.


136 Projects Completed

Carrie has worked extensively as a paralegal for a general practice attorney. She has written partial legal briefs, findings for divorce proceedings, and many reports on client visits for her managing attorney.

Carrie also writes online for a number of other websites, specializing in topics in the legal field. She is well versed in divorces, real estate, child custody and guardianship work.


75 Projects Completed

Carrie has written more than 75 pieces for the finance industry, using her degree in accounting as the base of her knowledge. She writes about working down your debt, managing home finances, and articles on general accounting for small businesses.

Real Estate

48 Projects Completed

Carrie has participated in a number of real estate closings as a paralegal. She understands the complex nature of buying a house and the paperwork necessary to complete the process.

Carrie's experience in real estate has provided her plenty of knowledge on which to draw from when she is writing real estate material. She is capable of writing blogs for real estate professionals and provides articles on the home buying and selling process.

Blog Post

73 Projects Completed

Carrie has written a number of blog posts on dentistry, real estate, HVAC, plumbing, heating and cooling and construction. She is happy to research any topics that she does not have a solid foundation in, and she loves writing blog posts in general.

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