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Elissa wrote code before she wrote content. After graduation from RPI, she put her technical skills to use as a software developer and project manager for a defense consulting firm, a major telecommunications company, and one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. While she's no longer developing software, this background forms the basis for her writing about science and technology. She's written about many information technology subjects including antivirus software, big data, cloud computing, computer chip technology, and the Internet of Things. Her other science topics have included asteroid mining, indicator species, and insects' senses.

Elissa also frequently writes about travel subjects. Her last permanent job gave Elissa a large number of vacation days, which she used to visit more than 30 countries on five continents. She often writes about destinations she's visited, including her home town. Her service articles and destination articles have appeared in multiple print and online markets. She handles the social media posts for several hotel chains and wrote the attraction descriptions for a hotel's guide to New York City. Elissa contributes to several trade publications in the group travel industry. She blogs about her trips at her personal website and has a travel e-book in the Kindle store on Amazon.

While technology and travel articles make up the bulk of Elissa's writing, she also enjoys writing on other topics, including health and fitness, decorating, real estate, food, and other lifestyle subjects.


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Elissa often writes about food and restaurants, especially as they relate to travel. She's also written profiles of specialty food companies.

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  • Hospitality50+
  • Travel20+
  • Health10+
  • Home Living10+
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  • Web Development4
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Summary of Industry Experience


Elissa has worked in the Information Technology industry for 25 years. She has experience as a software developer and project manager in the consulting, financial, and telecommunications industries. She is experienced in web development, database design, and programming.


Elissa write blog posts for a number of IT staffing agencies. Topics include general hiring skills (from both employee and employer perspectives), general management skills, career advancement, and IT careers.


Elissa has created numerous works for the hospitality industry. She often writes about website development for the travel industry. She writes the blogs for a client who provides virtual card numbers in support of the travel industry. She also writes the blogs and social media posts for several hotel chains.


Elissa's travel writing has been published under her own byline in several print and online markets. Work has included destination stories as well as round-ups and service pieces. She has also written an e-book guide to traveling on tours.

In addition to her bylined work, Elissa has ghostwritten travel content for numerous sites, covering luxury as well as budget experiences. She also writes tour and attraction descriptions for a travel booking site in Europe.

Elissa also maintains a personal website where she blogs about her travels.


Elissa has written health-related articles for clients through another content site. Topics have touched on women's health, oral health and senior health. Additional writing has focused on healthcare information technology subjects including healthcare analytics and healthcare use of cloud computing.

Home Living

Elissa's written home decorating topics ranging from trends in flooring to how to choose the best door for your home.

Real Estate

Elissa's written numerous neighborhood descriptions for real estate agents and apartment rental sites.


Elissa often writes about food and restaurants, especially as they relate to travel. She's also written profiles of specialty food companies.


Elissa has more than 25 years' experience as a software developer and project manager. Most of her development experience was on the Unix platform using Java, SQL, and related technologies, though she is also familiar with software development on the Windows platform.

High Tech

Elissa worked for six years in the R&D division of a major telecommunications firm, focused on artificial intelligence applications. She continues to be interested in high tech and is up-to-date on developments in information technology, particularly as applied to telecom, finance, and healthcare.


An avid hiker and climber, Elissa has explored national parks in the United States and Europe on foot. Her writing about these trips has been published in several print and online markets.


Elissa's first work experience was in the Department of Special Publications at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Elissa has worked in business for more than 25 years, with exposure to management consulting, telecommunications, and finance/banking. She managed teams of up to 15 people and was responsible for hiring/firing as well as project delivery.


Elissa's experience in the banking industry exposed her to a large number of financial topics. She has drawn on this knowledge in her personal investing and in writing white papers for finance industry clients on another content site.


Elissa has written a series of articles about graduate education in Data Science. Developing the articles required conducting interviews with the program directors.


Elissa has practiced yoga for more than two decades. She practices at home as well as exploring numerous local studios. Her favorite styles are yin yoga and restorative, though swinging in an aerial yoga hammock is a new treat. She has written about yoga for several clients.

In addition to yoga, Elissa is fond of outdoor fitness activities such as hiking and climbing. When she can't escape her urban neighborhood, her walks in the park keep her in shape for those longer expeditions.

Web Development

Elissa's IT work experience includes more than 25 years as a software developer and project manager, primarily for web-related projects. Her experience includes JRun, Weblogic, and Websphere webservers, html, css, javascript, and java.


The last 19 years of Elissa's work experience was within the Banking industry. While not a banker herself, her experience in IT in the financial industry exposed her to many aspects of banking, including funds transfer processes and securities trading.

Green Products

Elissa's written about the green lifestyle and products, including topics such as organic bedding.


Elissa has direct eldercare knowledge, drawing from firsthand experiences as the caregiver for her elderly parents. She is familiar with issues involving care at home versus care in a facility and the associated financial concerns.


Elissa is a woman (!) and has written articles related to women's special concerns, including health, financial, and career issues.

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