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Erica M
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After two decades in corporate America, Erica turned to freelance writing and web design. She guides small to medium-sized business, entrepreneurs and the self-employed to find their voice in an ever-changing digital world. As a content marketer and engaging writer, she specializes in web content, copywriting, blogging, articles, guides, and non-fiction eBooks.

By combining her skill in business writing and communications with inspiring ideas and solid, expert level research skills, she adapts her style to any audience. She explains complex and niche topics without fluff, without corporate jargon. Dedicated to providing knowledgeable and helpful advice, Erica brings your brand promise to your readers by giving them a reason to come back for more.

Erica creates compelling content that engages readers to take action. She enhances and updates her skills with classes and seminars.

Are you self-employed, a small business owner, or writer who manages “all the roles?” Is content and marketing impeding doing what you love–running a business? With Erica you get to focus on what you do best; why you started this business in the first place.
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Erica’s enjoys horror and science fiction. A sci-fi geek, zombie obsessed, black coffee addict, she always falls prey to cheesy end-of-the-world movies and makes a mean chili. She’s an endless storage bank of cool but useless facts that won’t save her (or anyone else) in an apocalypse. She loves reading and living her suburban fantasy with her comedic family, two needy dogs, and an ornery bunny.


Perdue University

Erica studied business management and web design at Perdue University, f.k.a. Kaplan University. She made the presidents and deans list for seven out of ten semesters.


79 Projects Completed

Erica M. grew up around the residential and commercial construction industry. She also helps her husband run a small HVAC company. She has experience with code, laws, regulations, zoning and permits. Her expertise varies from residential to commercial business.


58 Projects Completed

Erica M. is a foodie and loves trying new things. She visits different restaurants often, from the local diner to the expensive steak house and writes reviews and descriptions of the food and experiences. Erica worked in the restaurant industry for many years and obtained certifications in food safety and food and beverage cost control. Her experience aligns with understanding the industry and what people want from their food and service. Using descriptive language and keyword heavy writing, her words stand out on the page and entice readers to try new things.


48 Projects Completed

Having a number of classes under her belt, Erica M. has strong knowledge in the world of marketing and writing advertising and sales letters. Erica writes for small businesses to help them gain a larger customer base and increased sales through marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters and sales ads.


37 Projects Completed

Erica M. is a lifestyle and fitness coach helping others reach their health and fitness goals daily. An avid researcher, Erica believes that the knowledge needed today to live a healthy lifestyle isn't always available or understood and that everyone needs to take their nutrition into their own hands. Erica stays up to date on nutrition, health, and environmental issues as they relate to women and men's health. She helps others work through their health issues, create a better lifestyle and become a better version of themselves.

Having a chronic health condition herself and a mom who has battled, survived, and now has terminal small cell carcinoma, Erica understands the pros, cons, and risks associated with treatments, medical procedures, supplements and diet fads. After years of working with doctors to understand her own diagnosis and caring for her mother as her health proxy navigating her cancer, Erica understands the world of medical jargon and researching solid, factual medical information.

Through her writing, Erica teaches others about proper health and fitness, how to shop for the right kind of foods, and how to maintain a fitness routine. She regularly mentors others with chronic illness and strives to promote advocacy and acceptance. As a coach, Erica helps other women and men reach their health and fitness goals.


32 Projects Completed

Traditional and Self-published author with experience navigating and writing in the publishing industry, both traditional and self publishing. Navigating the process, all about the publishers and getting published specialties include fiction, creative writing, non-fiction, and poetry.


18 Projects Completed

Erica M. has over ten years' experience in the corporate environment and more than five working with small businesses. For small businesses, Erica M. creates newsletters, emails, memos, promotional materials and web content. For corporate business Erica writes and edits corporate communications, memos, justification letters, internal blogs, training materials, procedures, policies, FAQ's, job-aides, how-to guides, workflows and other documents related to the business and office environment.


9 Projects Completed

A mom of two, Erica M. strives to educate and entertain others with children, family issues, relationship troubles, pregnancy and infertility issues and childbirth struggles. Strong researching skills and raising her two children, with an eight year age difference, provides many ideas, experiences and mistakes to share. She teaches others about those experiences and what she's learned. Erica creates newsletters and writes blog posts, articles, and essays that cater understanding relationships, children and families.


5 Projects Completed

As a woman, Erica M. is a feminist and understands woman's rights and equality. She researches and writes about woman's subjects with strong passion and knowledge. She has an extensive understanding in the area of woman's studies, what is important to woman and misconceptions related to woman.


3 Projects Completed

Erica's experience in relationships comes from life experience and witnessing others around her. She knows what it takes to make a happy home and how compromises and values can work for and against relationships.


1 Projects Completed

An avid follower of politics, national and foreign affairs, Erica believes in finding and sharing the truth and weeding out hypocrisy while adhering to constitutional values and rights. She excels with researching and finding answers to everyday questions and concerns and helping others understand the political spectrum that is America. Her writing includes work on elections, local and national government, current and outdated laws, healthcare and other liberal and conservative issues. She seeks to find the truth behind all the misinformation.

Blog Post

288 Projects Completed

Erica's work includes hundreds of blog posts on many different subjects ranging from catering to constructions and anything in between. Her adaptability allows her to identify voice and style while writing for a specific audience in a conversational or authoritative tone. Her written communication skills produce effective content geared towards the readers. Personally, Erica maintains her own blog and is a ghostwriter on other blogs.

Product Description

163 Projects Completed

Erica M. writes unique, descriptive and detailed product, company and project descriptions using her love of words to capture the audience in under 100 words. Descriptions for businesses and products ranging from city pages, full size vehicles and business awards, to art supplies, catalog items, and any other products are a specialty.


155 Projects Completed

Erica writes articles for online publication and newsletters. Her articles are well researched, engaging and informative. She adds insight and commentary from experts and uses different communicational styles to help readers understand the information and gain insight and knowledge. Erica can write about and research any topic and do so in a timely fashion to meet strict deadlines.

Twitter Post

25 Projects Completed

Erica is a twitter guru. Her personal account has over 2100 followers. Her twitter posts are engaging and interactive and are often retweeted. She interacts with followers and shares inspiration, quotes, knowledge and humor. For small businesses Erica helps gain twitter followers and increases the businesses interactions through insightful twitter posts. She uses hashtags appropriately and follows trends to interact in 140 characters or less.


9 Projects Completed

Erica M. writes book reviews and edits manuscripts for other authors. Her reviews and editing cover many different genres.

Erica is working on her own three part science fiction novel series and offers ghost writing services to help others publish.


8 Projects Completed

Erica writes presentation materials that are engaging, straightforward and informative. She utilizes programs such as PowerPoint and Publisher to create beautiful materials that catch the reader's eye. With extensive researching capabilities, Erica helps readers understand any subject, with statistics, references and instructions.


2 Projects Completed

Erica's sales and marketing copy is engaging and draws the reader to follow through with the action being presented. Erica is descriptive and informative providing just the right amount of information to engage a business's clients.

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