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Oliver is a freelance writer who has over four years experience in creating a variety of content. He has previously worked as a full-time manager of a blog for an educational technology company, where he gained extensive experience in copywriting, content curation, and web design. Working as the lead creative driver, he implemented several strategies to help boost website traffic through quality of content.

Furthering his career in writing, Oliver began freelance copywriting for a variety of industries -- including health and fitness, consumer goods, and transportation. His knowledge of SEO practices has lead to many successful marketing campaigns for various products and companies overall.

As a blogger and creative writer, as well as currently working in the entertainment industry, Oliver has the ability to concisely deliver the information the client requests in an engaging and relatable manner.
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Oliver specializes in articles, blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, and reputation management. Areas of writing interest include education, technology, health and fitness, consumer goods, and entertainment. Has a strong ability to research new topics and provide up-to-date insights on whatever the topic may be.


Oliver's interests include reading, writing, exercise, health, travel, food, sports, and technology.


University of Oklahoma

Received a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Oklahoma


50 Projects Completed

Oliver formerly held the position of media producer for an educational technology company and has created a large selection of content surrounding the current and future state of education. He's written blog posts, press releases, and other types of content on topics such as distance learning practices, shifts in textbook markets, and general issues facing the higher educational system.


42 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Being a group fitness instructor, Oliver has first-hand knowledge of the latest developments, programs, and trends that make up the fitness industry. He has written articles detailing various workout routines, health supplements to incorporate into one's diet, as well as ways to implement healthier eating habits. From product descriptions to blog posts, this is an area of writing in which Oliver has extensive experience.


36 Projects Completed

Oliver not only has a strong record of writing various types of copy in the realm of health, but it also happens to be a topic he's passionate about. Having personally witnessed the benefits of healthy living -- as well as the naturally amazing aspects of the human body -- Oliver can provide informative, engaging, and educational copy in whatever form a client desires.


29 Projects Completed

As an avid member of the health and fitness community, Oliver has written many articles detailing ways that individuals can improve their diets and start living a healthier lifestyle. He's produced blog posts, articles, and product descriptions covering topics such as healthy meals, supplements and vitamins, exercise routines, and countless others.


23 Projects Completed

Oliver has written several pieces regarding food, beverages, and restaurants, both professionally and as a personal blogger. As an active member in the health and fitness community, diet and nutrition are areas of passion for Oliver On top of that, he is a full-fledged foodie who's always on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants and cuisine in which to indulge.


22 Projects Completed

Oliver has written copy for several companies who specialize in outdoor recreation. From local, independent bicycle manufacturers to nationwide boating companies, he has produced product descriptions, articles, frequently asked questions, and blog posts. Further, as a biker and firm believer in the benefits of outdoor activity, Oliver has a personal investment in this area.


21 Projects Completed

Oliver has a long history of creating content surrounding the past, current, and future state of the entertainment. Topics and styles have included blog posts covering movies and television releases, product brochures for game room equipment, up-to-date celebrity news articles, as well as a myriad of personal features on the entertainment industry.


19 Projects Completed

Oliver's experience in writing copy for the transportation industry is extensive. He's produced articles on safe driving habits, blog posts detailing the nicest subway systems in the United States, as well as website copy and product descriptions for retailers selling motorcycle, bicycle, and boating accessories.


19 Projects Completed

Oliver has produced a variety of copy regarding pets. From natural and organic dog food to new and fun ways for an owner to interact with their dog, his background of website copy, blog posts, and product reviews are full of informative and engaging information. Plus, as a lover of all animals and a pet owner himself, this topic is of particular passion for Oliver.

Consumer Goods

13 Projects Completed

Oliver's work in freelance copywriting has given him several opportunities to write about a wide assortment of consumer goods. With topics including products such as cell phone accessories, hair and make up items, recreational equipment, as well as security and surveillance technology, he has produced product descriptions, website copy, and blog posts.


12 Projects Completed

Oliver has written many types of copy for the beauty industry. Online boutiques such as FreeShippingBeauty.com have used him to create product descriptions, general website copy, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. His topics have included proper hair care, skin moisturizing techniques, premium makeup products, and safe tanning options.


12 Projects Completed

With the explosion of the online dating community, the demand for relationship-driven copy has greatly increased, which has allowed Oliver to develop a strong track record in producing general website copy, blog posts, and advice columns in the world of relationships. He's also created brochures and other marketing materials to promote seminars and meet & greet events for a variety of dating websites.

Home Living

11 Projects Completed

Oliver has written several pieces on home living and home improvement. Topics covered include interior design and renovations, specialty doors and windows, how to work with contractors, and easy ways to fix problems around the house. As a homeowner himself, Oliver has real-life experience in this area and applies his personal knowledge to the content he produces.


10 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Oliver previously worked as a paralegal for a successful law firm. Under the tutelage of the attorneys, he became very familiar with the ins and outs of the legal system, as well as the proper terminology used when discusses individual cases. He was given the task of writing and editing various blog posts and opinion pieces for the company website, all covering a variety of hot legal topics.


10 Projects Completed

As a devoted follower of nearly every sport, Oliver's knowledge of all things athletics is seemingly endless. In his work as a copywriter, he's produced articles detailing training activities that parents and coaches can provide for their young children, product reviews on a wide variety of sporting equipment, as well as blog posts examining the current and historical states of both professional and amateur sports.


9 Projects Completed

Being a member of the entertainment and technology communities, Oliver has covered gaming from old school arcades to the latest and hottest games for mobile devices. He's written website copy and product descriptions for Amini's Galleria -- one of the nation's largest game room equipment retailers -- and also produced blog posts and product reviews in several areas of gaming.


8 Projects Completed

Oliver has written copy for several different online fashion boutiques. Topics have ranged from styles of dresses available for sale, to what garments match up well with others, to the quality of materials that a particular type of clothing uses. He has covered fashion for men, women, and children, and is always up-to-date on the latest trends.


8 Projects Completed

Oliver has previously worked on marketing campaigns across several different industries -- such as managing social media for a Discovery Channel reality show, producing marketing materials for specialty fitness studios, as well as writing general articles on how to better market one's company. He also holds strong knowledge on the benefits of search engine optimization as it relates to marketing.

Web Development

6 Projects Completed

Having developed websites both personally and professionally, Oliver brings years of experience to the copy he produces in web development. From building and running a personal blog to detailing the best e-commerce platforms that a client can use, the topics covered in his articles and blog posts provide clear and concise information on how to utilize the web's resources to continue expanding one's business.


4 Projects Completed

Oliver has a strong background in music as a guitarist and vocalist, and his passion for the art form comes through in his writing. He has written several articles and blog posts covering such topics as the current state of the music industry, music theory, buyer's guides for a variety of instruments, as well as instructional articles and lessons.


2 Projects Completed

Oliver had been a personal blogger long before he ever became a paid writer, and the focus of his posts have always been comedic in tone. Upon transitioning into a professional copywriter, he's taken this writing trait with him and applied it wherever applicable. Adding humor to an article, blog post, and even product descriptions will help the reader connect with the company.

Blog Post

51 Projects Completed

Having been blogger in both his professional and personal life, Oliver has extensive experience in creating blog posts. Covering such topics as consumer goods, gaming, and exercise, he's able to capture readers with his casual yet informative writing style.

Product Description

50 Projects Completed

Oliver has written product descriptions for several different industries -- including jewelry, transportation, and exercise equipment. His knowledge of SEO strategies allows the descriptions to not only provide relevant information, but also attract new customers.


30 Projects Completed

Oliver has written articles on a variety of topics including health and fitness, consumer goods, search engine marketing, and technology. He has a strong ability to research topics in order to find up-to-date and interesting information to help produce the strongest content possible.

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