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Lisa started writing in 1999 and has completed several SEO training courses. She has a degree in Business Marketing Management as well as a Project Management certificate and has participated in the launch of several start-up businesses. Her goal is to provide useful content that delights readers and improves the credibility of her clients. She has a talent for informing and entertaining readers.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+
  • Hospitality20+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Lisa has designed and maintained WordPress websites for hundreds of clients since 2007. She got her start as a niche blogger and began to catch the attention of local businesses. When she saw that her skills could support her family she decided to sell a few of her blogs to local clients and begin building custom sites. At first, she mainly worked with friends and family but it quickly became more work than she could handle and she began hiring other stay-home moms to write web content for her clients. Today she has stepped back, in order to take a position that encourages her to get dressed every day and talk to people in real life but her business is still going strong.


Lisa has written regular and seasonal menus for several local restaurants and has been involved with the writing of marketing materials, employee training manuals, business plans, quarterly and annual investor reports. In addition, she's written local guides for small innkeepers and boutique hotels designed to help visitors get acquainted with the area.


In 1992, Lisa was attending school to become a teacher and working as a substitute for a private school in Los Angeles County. It was then that she decided to homeschool her own children and stayed close to the education industry, shopping for curriculum, writing reviews, staying active in the local homeschooling community and writing for Home Educator's Family Times, The Link Homeschooling Newspaper, Alternative Education Resource Organization and other publications. Her kids have been exposed to a wide variety of educational environments over the years and she's found writing projects throughout it all, writing for PTA newsletters, classroom fundraising letters, Volunteer handbooks and web content.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Facebook Post100+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Annual Report5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Lisa has written for several content agencies and has written for private clients. In 2011 alone, she was consistently publishing over 30 blog posts a week for her private clients and maintaining a productive working relationship with the agencies she was employed with.

Facebook Post

Lisa helped a local business woman launch her Social Media business and helped create profile pages for several local business. She also helped maintain their presence on Facebook, automating the process with the help of HootSuite and interacting with fans via contests and giveaways.

Newsletter Content

Lisa spent two years volunteering as the newsletter editor for her local homeschool support group. She has also worked on contract to help a retirement home create and implement their monthly member newsletter and has contributed articles for community newsletters, charity newsletters and newsletters for other membership-based organizations. She even published 4 editions of her own 32 page newspaper, the Yakima Family Times in 2005. That was an awesome project where she learned that it's unwise for one person to work every single role in a publication.

Annual Report

Before she became a full time writer, Lisa owned a small chain of pizzerias in the Pacific Northwest and helped write the annual reports for investors. Since being liberated from that industry, she has helped other small businesses create their annual reports. She enjoys compiling the data and presenting it in a useful manner, with charts and graphs and interpretive text.

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