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After 15+ years working in the biopharmaceutical industry, Elizabeth decided to put behind her long commutes so she could devote her time as a freelance writer. Writing has been her passion since her very early days writing in countless personal journals and stories for just herself, her friends and for her creative writing classes.

With the development of the internet, Elizabeth discovered a love for blogging and ever since then she's kept several online blogs on various platforms. She currently is the owner of three active blog sites and one specialized fan site that is under construction currently. She is not a stranger to managing web sites. She designed her first site back in 2001 using Netscape Composer. Called Silvara's Lair, it didn't receive any traffic, yet it became a means by which for her to showcase her original poetry and film reviews. It also provided a means for her to get her feet wet in being a webmaster, a position she currently holds.

For her current self-hosted blog sites she uses WordPress exclusively but she has sites on Blogger, Live Journal and some others. She's currently using her education in the field of computer and internet security by posting blogs featuring feeds and original writing on these very important topics. She's learned SEO on the fly and by using WordPress this seems to have made these specialized tasks easier. She feels there's still more to learn and she's doing that currently.

She's incorporated her love of photography and photo editing and art within her work and her blogs feature many of her own works, as well as shows off some of her personal collection of images she's discovered through her curation hobby. As a seemingly natural progression of things, she is also into video editing and her clips became a regular feature on one of her older fan blogs, which has since sadly gone off line and no longer updates, however plans of reviving it are in the works and may be returning some time within 2015.

Currently, she is wrapping up the editing for a completed novel that she is looking to self-publish. She has another novel that has since been completed which she wrote while working on her graduate studies. It is in the organizational stage for production for later serial publication, and the second book in the planned trilogy series is under development.

When Elizabeth is not working on her writing projects she is taking an online self-study course in Japanese and she's learning kanji and doing quite well! Her goal is to be able to work as a translator for books and manga but for right now she's just enjoying the learning process. She's already translated a short passage from a novel series which was posted to a fan community blog in LiveJournal. She's nearing completion of a chapter from the same series and then afterwards she's working a full novel translation. Though only fan translations with no goal for publication except within the fan community, she views this as a learning exercise if anything. She's sure her efforts won't go unappreciated
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