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After 15+ years working in the biopharmaceutical industry, Elizabeth decided to put behind her long commutes so she could devote her time as a freelance writer. Writing has been her passion since her very early days writing in countless personal journals and stories for just herself, her friends and for her creative writing classes.

With the development of the internet, Elizabeth discovered a love for blogging and ever since then she's kept several online blogs on various platforms. She currently is the owner of three active blog sites and one specialized fan site that is under construction currently. She is not a stranger to managing web sites. She designed her first site back in 2001 using Netscape Composer. Called Silvara's Lair, it didn't receive any traffic, yet it became a means by which for her to showcase her original poetry and film reviews. It also provided a means for her to get her feet wet in being a webmaster, a position she currently holds.

For her current self-hosted blog sites she uses Wordpress exclusively but she has sites on Blogger, Live Journal and some others. She's currently using her education in the field of computer and internet security by posting blogs featuring feeds and original writing on these very important topics. She's learned SEO on the fly and by using Wordpress this seems to have made these specialized tasks easier. She feels there's still more to learn and she's doing that currently.

She's incorporated her love of photography and photo editing and art within her work and her blogs feature many of her own works, as well as shows off some of her personal collection of images she's discovered through her curation hobby. As a seemingly natural progression of things, she is also into video editing and her clips became a regular feature on one of her older fan blogs, which has since sadly gone off line and no longer updates, however plans of reviving it are in the works and may be returning some time within 2015.

Currently, she is wrapping up the editing for a completed novel that she is looking to self-publish. She has another novel that has since been completed which she wrote while working on her graduate studies. It is in the organizational stage for production for later serial publication, and the second book in the planned trilogy series is under development.

When Elizabeth is not working on her writing projects she is taking an online self-study course in Japanese and she's learning kanji and doing quite well! Her goal is to be able to work as a translator for books and manga but for right now she's just enjoying the learning process. She's already translated a short passage from a novel series which was posted to a fan community blog in LiveJournal. She's nearing completion of a chapter from the same series and then afterwards she's working a full novel translation. Though only fan translations with no goal for publication except within the fan community, she views this as a learning exercise if anything. She's sure her efforts won't go unappreciated
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Elizabeth specializes in:
Creative writing including stories, poetry and long form fiction
Technical writing, copywriting and blog posts,
Report writing,
Tutorials, presentations,
Adult (erotic) fiction and web site copy- most of which has been unpaid at present


Elizabeth's interests are many and they include, but are not limited to:
Being an Adobe product ninja (currently attempting to master InDesign)
Photography and graphic arts and illustration,
Japanese animation, manga, and other Japanese pop culture
Japanese language and art
Yoga, Buddhism, tai chi and other meditation techniques,
Esoteric Arts (those things outside of the conventional forms of medicine)
Wicca and Witchcraft (though she hasn't practiced her religion in many moons she still possesses extensive expertise in these subjects through her work and studies in the occult)
Collecting and listening to music of all sorts
Watching movies and anime
Reading manga
Translating original Japanese literary works, mostly manga and light novels-it's a tough job but someone has to do it
Computers and gadgets (she's an unrepentant gadget freak),
video editing to create original content for blog posts.
Animal Welfare and Health
Artist's Rights Advocacy
LGBT Rights Advocacy
Anti-Piracy Advocate


University of Maryland University College- Adelphi, MD

During her studies, Elizabeth has taken courses in Bioinformatics, Database management, Molecular Biology, Regulatory affairs, physical security, and agents of bioterrorism. In addition to the core courses required to satisfy the Masters Program in Biotechnology, she also took courses to satisfy requirements needed for graduate level certificates in both Homeland Security Management and Information Assurance. She took additional courses dealing with computer and cyber security.


7 Projects Completed

Most of Elizabeth's projects in the entertainment industry involved writing web site reviews for an adult directory site and writing and editing promotional copy for adult blogs. These projects have discontinued as of this writing however, she still provides both promotional and original content on her personal blogs.

She has also written content outside the adult space involving work on content writing sites: topics including movie descriptions, reviews and essays pertaining to the film industry at large with an emphasis on independent, foreign. horror, animated and fantasy films.

Elizabeth is also a strong advocate for artist's rights and she supports all efforts to prevent piracy of creative works on a global level. She's recently a supporter and promoter for the MAGP, Manga-Anime Guardians Project sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Her goal is to create awareness of the problem content providers face with illegal distribution of anime and manga and she helps to promote those sites that provide legal means for fans to obtain content.


3 Projects Completed

An unrependent technology nerd by nature and passionate gadget freak, Elizabeth has provided pieces for content writing sites in a wide-range of topics including: creating a website, rack-mounting a personal computer, how to recover lost data, etc.

Her main areas of expertise within this space are computer and internet security, areas in which she has extensive knowledge and is passionate about. Currently she devotes a section on her personal blog with posts pertaining to security with respect to providing how-tos on securing web sites against content theft and hacking. She is also working on a series of articles involving protecting mobile devices as well.

Another area of passion for Elizabeth is providing help and guidance to fellow writers and bloggers with her working knowlege of copyright law, DMCA rules and Creative Commons best practices. She is in no way a lawyer however she strongly feels that it is every writer's and artist's responisibility to have a working knowledge of the law especially if one is keeping their own blogs and websites. She is currently editing a slide set that provides an overview of US Copyright law in simple terms. She hopes to make that available soon. Image and content theft have become important issues within the last few years and interest of this area has doubled within the last year and a half. In light of this Elizabeth is working on multiple ways of getting her messages across to a wider audience: a guidebook, topic slide sets and accompanying blog post series are currently in the works and they will provide ways blog owners and webmasters can protect their investments against those who wish to steal their content and images, namely unscruplous internet marketers and others.


2 Projects Completed

The majority of the work Elizabeth has done within the industry of Biopharma relates to her position as a Research Assistant for a large biopharmaceutical company (non disclosed) where she worked for 15+ years prior to the company dissolving a few years ago. During her tenure at this facility she was charged with the training of new research technicians in handling animal models. She put together original presentations for a few of the classes to supplement the video tutorials presented at the seminars. Those original presentations stayed part of the company when she left and she no longer has access to them.

Since the time of her departure from her prior employer, she continues to remain active within the industry where she's a member of a few organizations pertaining to the development of animal models for research and is a staunch supporter of Animal Welfare. She is a member of AALAS (American Association of Laboratory Animal Science) and is a member of their group on Linkedin. She obtained AALAS certification at both the Technician and Technologist levels. Her areas of expertise include animal welfare and zoonotic diseases. Though no longer employed within the industry at large, she still supports the efforts of research and development especially within those areas she's most passionate about: autoimmunity, diabetes, virology and cancer. She developed a strong interest in emerging policies relating to genetically modified organisms within the food space and strongly supports labelling of GMO products. She's written a couple of articles in biotechnology posted to forums during her time in graduate school. She still contributes to the forums and groups when her time permits.

During her graduate work, she wrote a few individual papers on virology and emerging viral disease where she has an interest. Her independent research includes continuing work on finding more information on Ebola and HIV where she supports the theory that there's a link between the two viruses. She's also contributed to group projects and papers during her graduate studies involving such subjects as Sarin, Anthrax and others. As part of her graduate capstone project she contributed on the assessment of educational gaps within the medical community who are treating ovarian cancer patients.


1 Projects Completed

Elizabeth has created many of her own articles on her blog sites, on which of course she is not paid. She has also written a number of articles that posted to forums. Articles she wrote were in a number of different topic areas mostly: technology, entertainment and biotechnology. Though the typical blog post ideally should be 500 to 1000 words, Elizabeth has always felt that length is not as important as the content within an article or post. She feels they should be only as long as to fully convey the message she needs to get out to the world.

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Although currently all Elizabeth's work is with Wordpress, her first work with graphics design was working on her very own web site many years ago. She as also taken courses in web page design and HTML and has done work with Dreamweaver since. For this very introductory web site she used Netscape Composer and had her own hosting. This site was where she displayed her original poetry and creative writing works. The site has long since went down by her own choosing, she still loves working with code and loves seeing what she puts on the screen come alive as she's writing and tweaking with the code set. Should all writers be coders? I can't speak for all but for me, yes indeed!

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