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Kevin is a freelance writer, photographer, attorney and stand-up comedian.

He produces high quality content for clients across numerous industries, such as: media production, financial, travel, legal, entertainment, humor, automotive, consumer research, real estate, insurance, technology, home living, medical, outdoor recreation, pet care and many others.

Kevin works with a broad spectrum of clients, including: media companies, financial entities, national retailers, medical and legal practices, automotive dealerships, travel and leisure websites, web application developers, and businesses both large and small.

He writes content across multiple disciplines, including: articles, blog posts, social media posts, web content, ghostwriting, white paper, press releases, satire, humorous captions, and scripts – including live action and animated film, television and commercial.

Kevin provides tailored content according to client’s specific needs, such as tone, audience, style and length. He produces content with client’s objective in mind, whether it be raising the client’s profile, increasing web traffic, promotion around a certain event, or authoring in-depth pieces that explain difficult concepts in layman’s terms.

He possesses excellent work ethic, and ability to work under stress and tight deadlines.

Kevin hosts a photography and creative writing blog as well.


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  • Travel20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Legal20+
  • Humor20+
  • Entertainment10+
  • Insurance7

Summary of Industry Experience


Kevin drafts content for travel blogs and websites. He has written numerous articles about music, sporting, and cultural events; on both a domestic and international scale. Kevin has written articles about events ranging from Burning Man to the Rio Carnival to the Olympics. He has passion for travel and new experiences, and he loves writing about it all.

Real Estate

Kevin has significant experience in the real estate sector. Not only has he written articles, blog posts and copy for realtors, and their websites, but he has built real estate websites from scratch, and provided all of the content on those sites.

Home Living

Kevin has significant experience drafting content related to home living, including home repair, maintenance, design ideas, as well as indoor and outdoor decor.


Kevin is a licensed attorney, who writes legal related articles and blog posts on a regular basis. He is excellent at taking complex issues, and converting them into easy-to-understand articles for the general public.


Kevin is a Los Angeles based stand-up comedian that performs in venues throughout metro Los Angeles, including Flappers Comedy Club and the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip. He writes all of his own material, and has performed in shows with renowned headlining comics. Kevin has also participated in writers' groups where he has helped write material for other working comedians.


Kevin writes articles and blog posts related to the entertainment industry, including music, television, movies and festivals.


Kevin has drafted opinion letters for large insurance companies, including an analysis of legal and insurance issues relating to the US Airways Flight 1549 crash, also known as "Miracle on the Hudson."

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