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Jake is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship. He has published a successful fitness book on Amazon and is just finishing up his second one. He also previously worked as a personal trainer for a year and a half, making him the perfect candidate for clients looking for content in the areas of goal setting, motivation, and exercise and diet plans.

He's also a highly motivated healthy eater, making him a great choice for clients needing content about well-balanced diets and healthy foods. He has six and a half years of experience following strict exercise routines and diet plans, so he is able to take his knowledge and tie it in with his own experiences to create content that readers can relate to.

Although he "majors" in fitness content, he also produces high quality work in a wide variety of subjects that include business, mindset, indoor agriculture, drug addiction, traffic school, and many more.

Since Jake works at home, he is able to respond to clients at all hours of the day, and he will promptly communicate with you when he gets an e-mail notification on his phone.

Jake looks forward to working with you and will work to exceed your expectations to achieve a long-term work relationship.


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10 Projects Completed

Jake has written a number of articles about how to start a compost pile at home. He is great at explaining it at an understandable level, and he adds in common practices. For example, some people turn their compost pile more often than others.

Industry Projects

  • Fitness100+
  • Health100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Food50+
  • Business20+
  • Electronics20+
  • Garden10+
  • Agriculture5

Summary of Industry Experience


Jake has spent a lot of time writing and researching fitness topics, completing many articles for clients and his own blogs. He loves educating people on this subject because he believes fitness is part of the recipe for a high-quality life.

Some topics Jake has written about include:

Home workouts


Jake has written on a wide range of health topics ranging from staying healthy after retirement to making lifestyle changes that positively impact health. He strives to find new ways to improve his own health and shares his experiences with others.

The following are some of the topics Jake has written about:

Mental health


Jake has written many nutrition articles in his time as a writer. He is always holding himself to a strict nutrition plan to achieve his health goals, and he has written diet plans and informational e-mails for his personal training clients.

Examples of topics Jake has written about include:

Types of fats
Carbohydrates (good or bad?)
Pre and post-workout nutrition
Macronutrient ratios
How micronutrients work
Customizing a diet plan


Jake has written articles on foods and their effects on weight, mental health, and sleep. He loves to write about how food can impact energy levels and cure chronic fatigue.

Below are topics from his past writing about food:

Superfood benefits
Foods that increase energy
Foods that enhance sleep
Cheap, nutritious food for college students


Jake currently writes for an entrepreneurship magazine and has had great success engaging readers with his stories. He is able to capture the essence of a business or business topic and deliver it clearly to the specific crowd of interest.

Below are some business topics that Jake has written about:

Social media marketing
Company Descriptions


Jake has completed reviews, product descriptions, and promotional pieces for electron devices. He has experience writing about headphones, smartphones, and photobooths. He is able to capture the details of the main benefits and work them into a content piece that engages a reader.


Jake has written a number of articles about how to start a compost pile at home. He is great at explaining it at an understandable level, and he adds in common practices. For example, some people turn their compost pile more often than others.


Jake has written articles on growing medical marijuana and has researched different strains that can help alleviate certain conditions. He has experience writing about grow tents, indoor plant lighting, and different methods of growing plants indoors.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Twitter Post100+
  • Web Page50+
  • Facebook Post50+
  • Product Description50+
  • Script/Video20+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Jake has written hundreds of informational, educational, and humor-filled articles for clients. He has become an expert on engaging a reader and giving them the information they came for.

He has tailored articles to a wide variety of tones including professional, humorous, and conversational. Having written many articles for his own websites, Jake is familiar with what clients need for a high-quality article.

Blog Post

Jake has had many regular clients request daily or weekly blog posts from him. Having a fitness blog of his own, he understands how to engage a reader with a strong intro, which is especially important for social media promotion.

Jake has written blog posts about:

Gluten-free living
Traffic school
Balding and hair loss

Twitter Post

Jake uses emotion to connect with the Twitter following of his clients. He believes a unique tone combined with engaging and useful content is key in marketing with Twitter.

Jake has written engaging Twitter posts for the following industries:

Health and fitness
Traffic school
Drug rehabilitation

Web Page

Jake has written webpage content for many small business clients. If applicable, he combines the elements of copywriting with a sense of professionalism that attracts customers and establishes a business as an authority.

Facebook Post

On a weekly basis, Jake writes engaging Facebook posts for an enterprise-level client. He knows how to engage readers with an enticing title and intro and delivers on the content associated with the Facebook post (if applicable).

Product Description

Jake is able to describe a products features in a simple and engaging manner. He knows that people buy based off of emotions and incorporates descriptive words that increase a person's desire to buy.

Jake has written product descriptions for:

Cell phone cases
Computer chairs
Fitness devices


Jake has turned script, audio, and video segments into valuable content pieces. He has formed Q&A's and comprehensive blog posts out of written scripts and audio interviews, mainly in the entrepreneurship category. However, he is confident he could produce quality content of this kind in any industry.

Jake also has a knack for breaking down videos in a humorous way similar to "Video Breakdowns" on Tosh.0.


Jake has written two of his own books that are published on Amazon and is currently working on his third. He has also ghost-written over 10 non-fiction e-books for clients.

Topics that Jake has written books about include:

Home workouts
Medical marijuana
General fitness
Nutrition and diet

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