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Want high-quality writing, quick turnarounds and responses to inquiries in three hours or less? Choose Jake!

Jake responds to all inquiries from 8am-midnight ET in three hours or less, guaranteed. He will also take a quick look at the assignment and tell you an exact time of when it will be finished so you don't have to sit around wondering, and he always hits his self-imposed deadlines.

Here's a review that you can find in his review tab:

"Jake has become a high-value writer and go-to for our content publications. He is talented in the space of entrepreneur journalism and versatile in business insights space. I expect nothing less than quality work from him. Not only that, but he consistently exceeds expectations as far as timeliness and communication. Highly recommended."

Jake is a firm believer in quality over quantity, thus he does not rush his work for the sole purpose of a higher hourly wage. He understands that high-quality work will pay itself back in both long-term client relationships and growth of his skills, so he always aims to exceed your quality expectations.

Jake confidently shows his coffee-ignited creative writing in every piece he writes. He nerdily writes down creative content and phrases he enjoys while he reads, adding extra weapons to his repertoire. If creative writing and highly-shareable content are what you're looking for, Jake will pass with flying colors.

He has also published a successful fitness book on Amazon and is just finishing up his second one. He previously worked as a personal trainer for two years, making him the perfect candidate for clients looking for content in the areas of goal setting, motivation, and exercise and diet plans.
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Specialized services offered by Jake include:

-Writing research articles that identify the unique selling points and benefits of a product or service to keep the reader hooked

-Creative writing in all subjects, keeping it fun and interesting

-Hilarious blog posts for social media sharing

-Rewriting articles and webpages to avoid SEO penalties (Jake pays for CopyScape Premium and runs every content piece through to ensure no matches)

-SEO writing, placing keywords to flow with an article without coming off as salesy

-Business journalism writing

Jake specializes in the following subjects:

Health and fitness
Traffic school


Jake loves reading, sports, hiking, staying in shape and taking long drives. His dearest loves, however, are his pets; his partner in crime is his rescue pup, Mara.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jake didn't discover his passion for writing until right after he graduated and moved across the country with no plan. He started to write from home to support himself and has been doing it ever since!


151 Projects Completed

Jake has spent 11 years researching fitness, squeezing every last drop out of every last healthy habit he can find. He was a personal trainer for two years, making him a fitness writer who walked the walk before he talked the talk. To this day, Jake works to improve his fitness seven days a week, and he's very passionate about helping other people achieve the mental and physical health benefits that exercise provides. He has completed over 150 fitness articles for clients and his own blog.

Naturally, fitness writing is his favorite niche because he has seen first-hand through himself and his personal training clients that improving one's fitness is paramount to a greater sense of well-being. It brought him and others happiness and a healthier mind when they were in difficult phases of life.

Jake has also published his own fitness Ebook on Amazon, which is targeted to beginners attempting to build a solid foundation for their greater goals. The book has a perfect 5-star rating with 14 reviews!

As a fitness writer, Jake has written about a multitude of different subjects that includes:

Home workouts
Realistic expectations


121 Projects Completed

As a health writer, Jake has written on a wide range of health topics ranging from staying healthy after retirement to making lifestyle changes that positively impact well-being. He constantly looks for ways to optimize both his physical and mental health, finding great joy in sharing what works. However, he knows that people respond more positively to scientific evidence than anecdotal experience, so he will always link in relevant studies.

His favorite areas of study are addiction, meditation, mindfulness, psychology and physical fitness.

The following are some of the topics Jake has written about as a health writer:

Drug addiction
Wide range of mental health topics


102 Projects Completed

Straight from Jake's mouth — aside from copious amounts of avocado — are the words that can convince anyone to start eating healthier. As a dedicated nutrition writer, he delves into information on how food impacts weight, physical health, mental health and sleep. He loves that nutrition writing allows him the opportunity to inform others about how food can increase energy levels and fix chronic fatigue.

Throughout Jake's time as a personal trainer, he also wrote diet plans for all of his clients. Spoiler: he only includes foods that have been known for positive health benefits.

Below are the tasty topics from his past nutrition writing:

Superfood benefits
Foods that increase energy
Foods that enhance sleep
Cheap, nutritious food for college students
Types of fats
Carbohydrates (good or bad?)
Pre and post-workout nutrition
Macronutrient ratios
How micronutrients work
Customizing a diet plan


59 Projects Completed

Jake was a restaurant review writer for a large Casino and Golf Resort in Scottsdale, AZ, Talking Stick Resort. The Vice President of the Casino Arizona properties gave him the amazing opportunity to try every restaurant on both of their properties for free in exchange for writing promotional articles to draw in vacationers for Spring Training. He ended up forming a long-term relationship with this client in which he wrote 30+ review articles.

Jake's food writing skills start with him picking apart your menu and finding the crème de la crème of your restaurant. He then entices the readers with tantalizing descriptions of deliciousness, leaving them with no choice but to come and try your food for themselves.

Jake has been a nomad food writer with experience among the following types of restaurants and food:

Fine dining
Food stands and food trucks
Sports pubs/bars


48 Projects Completed

Jake excels in business writing and currently writes for an entrepreneurship magazine; he has had great success engaging readers with his journalistic stories of startup companies. He is able to capture the essence of a business or business topic and deliver it clearly to the specific crowd of interest.

Jake has also completed many small business copywriting and SEO projects that have attracted more customers and ranked their websites higher in search engine results.

Here's a review from a small business client: "Jacob has been a pleasure to work with. His diverse writing style and willingness to jump into all of our projects is impressive."

Below are some business topics that Jake has written about:

Social media marketing
Company descriptions
Product reviews
Small business


22 Projects Completed

Jake has completed reviews, product descriptions and promotional pieces for electronic devices. He has experience writing about headphones, smartphones and photobooths. He is able to capture the details of the main features of each product and work them into a content piece that engages a reader.

Jake's electronics product reviews focus on the main features of the product and how they will benefit the reader. He includes no fluff, such as discussing features that come standard in every device. He employs the same strategy when writing electronics product descriptions.


563 Projects Completed

Jake has written hundreds of informational, educational and humor-filled articles for clients. He's an article writer who has become an expert on engaging a reader and giving them the information they came for without all of the fluff.

He has tailored articles to a wide variety of tones including professional, humorous and conversational. Having written many articles for his own websites, Jake is familiar with what clients need for a high-quality, social media-shareable article.

Jake has experience writing all types of articles, too many to list, in fact. However, whatever the industry your article belongs to, Jake does a fantastic job of SEO article writing, ensuring your article improves the visibility of your website in search engines.

Blog Post

383 Projects Completed

Jake has had many regular clients come to him daily or weekly for blog post writing. Having a fitness blog of his own, he understands how to engage a reader with a strong attention-grabbing intro, which is especially important for social media promotion.

His favorite blog posts are the type that help people improve their health and incorporate humor to further resonate with the reader.

He is also an expert in re-writing content, having completed 80-100 hours of this type of work. He pays for Copyscape Premium to ensure every piece of content submitted does not receive SEO penalties. In this realm, keeping the general flow of the original content and re-writing it so that it does not lose the important features and points of the product or service is the most important aspect.

Jake has re-written content for the following industries: Driving schools, massage parlors, off-road trucking online stores, roofing contractor websites and online supplement stores.

As a blog post writer, Jake has handily written about the following topics among many others:

Gluten-free living
Traffic school
Balding and hair loss

Web Page

106 Projects Completed

Jake has written a plethora of engaging webpage content for many small to medium-sized business clients. If applicable, he combines the elements of copywriting with a sense of professionalism that attracts customers and establishes a business as an authority.

As a web page writer, Jake believes it's his job to dutifully explore the existing content on the website so he can create a page that plugs right in.

Jake has completed web page writing in the following industries:

Small service-based businesses
Driving schools
Moving companies
Fitness and health
Drug addiction

Product Description

74 Projects Completed

Jake is able to describe a products features in a simple and engaging manner. He knows that people buy based off of emotions and incorporates descriptive words that increase a person's desire to buy.

Jake has written product descriptions for:

Cell phone cases
Computer chairs
Fitness devices


6 Projects Completed

Jake has his own 5-star rated book published on Amazon and is currently working on his second. He has also ghost-written over 6 non-fiction e-books for clients.

Jake understands that a solid book always starts with strong copy that shows the reader all of the juicy tips and facts they will learn about as they flip the pages. Then, it delivers on those promises plus more, linking relevant studies and statistics so readers consider the book an authority.

Topics that Jake has covered as a book writer include:

Home workouts
Medical marijuana
General fitness
Nutrition and diet

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