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A working experience in the internet marketing world with a focus in SEO, blogging, real estate, and business. A winning combination for crafting catchy articles.


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  • Real Estate20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Web Development

This writer has a full understanding of the web development process from both the technical and creative. When presented with writing projects in this field, he is able to clearly explain many specific areas of the industry. Specifically, many web development articles require content that is fun, straightforward, and outlines a basic process. This writer can provide content for your product or web service, as well as write about the creative process necessary in web development. He says, "It's about keeping it simple and informing the reader."


This writer is experienced in the day-to-day of business ownership, function, service, and communication. This experience is perfect for developing creative and professional business articles. He is skilled in crafting content regarding management styles, human resources, employer-employee relationships, and much more. Also, this writer is able to provide fresh content that is specifically for your industry. There are almost no bounds; he can deliver material regarding topics you provide or he can create topics for you.

This writer has written in the fields of law, insurance, real estate, event planning, fashion, sales, ecommerce, and much more.

Real Estate

This writer is also an experience Realtor. This exposure is perfect if you're looking for those informative and real industry articles. Today, content is king and helps convert web traffic into sales. This writer knows how to navigate the various types of content depending on the goals of a company. For example, the writer can speak to buyers, sellers, renters, and agents. This writer is perfect for developing content for a newsletter, blog, or press release. Aslo, he is able to provide copy for agent handbooks, listing presentations, and other real estate marketing materials.

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