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"Jennifer sees everything as a story." That was on her 3rd grade report card and it remains probably the most succinct insight into her psyche today. Believing that everything has a story to tell, Jennifer had made a career of writing for many different professions, from grant writing for Homeland Security (where she surprisingly had ridiculously high security clearance) to marketing for two growing law firms.

History, vintage jewelry, politics, law, animals (of any kind), literature and marketing are just a few topics Jennifer is passionate about in her writing; but she has a sincere desire to learn a lot about most things and at least a little about everything else. This is why she enjoys researching and learning about the many varied things she writes or has written about, and why she's been quite good at it.

Jennifer has been around the field of SEO for about five years now and has an armchair warrior's knowledge of it. She understands keywords and titling, black and white hat tactics, and that Google giveth and Google taketh away.

Jennifer's philosophy has always been that this is her one life and it's hers to enjoy and learn and grow in and, in doing so, she should do her level best to encourage and assist anyone else along for the ride to be happy and succeed as well.


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Jennifer has been in the legal industry for the better part of the past 12 years. Beginning with the county attorney and moving to a large local practice of criminal, domestic and personal injury attorneys, she has performed as a legal assistant, paralegal, and now migrated into marketing for two firms. Jennifer has redesigned and re-launched both companies' websites, writes their blogs and articles for both sites, designs and authors the quarterly newsletter (consisting of 5-6 fresh topical articles and having approximately 3800 subscribers) and the monthly e-newsletter. She also handles all of the social media for both firms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, industry profiles and LinkedIn. Jennifer also performs all local advertising for both firms including sponsorship and local events.


As mentioned in the Government section, Jennifer worked as the head of Cracker Barrel's political action committee and as a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association for several years. During that time, Jennifer had first hand access to congressmen and senators from across the country, even spending two hours in a private jet sharing grapes and fighting over which state had the prettiest girls with then-Speaker Trent Lott. She wrote and distributed the PAC newsletter, wrote position papers on hot political topics relevant to the NRA, and personally lobbied office holders at the federal and state level.


Jennifer is an avid student of government affairs, both American and foreign. She worked as a lobbyist in Washington DC and at the State level for several years and has a broad, and rather jaded, behind the scenes knowledge of how our government really works. She then went on to work in Homeland Security for a few years after 9/11 and worked closely with Tennessee State TBI and FBI field offices and first responders from District 5 (Nashville and surrounding areas).

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