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Serving her reader audience with what they truly desire is what Shannon is all about. She pays attention to the details of the content with which she writes. Details are what truly matter, even if the client does not realize it. She is experienced with writing copy for different types of businesses. Shannon also is a creative writer, including smart SEO inside her content. She has written for several content marketing platforms and their clients. Writing and including interesting and relevant content in her personal blog is also a high priority for her.


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Writing about different types of businesses is what Shannon knows how to do best. She is very experienced in writing copy that sells. She knows how to put words together to make the copy stand out with SEO. Having this skill is very important to her and she would very much like to show the client what she is capable of to make their business pop.


Shannon has a multitude of experience within the childcare industry as a preschool teacher and baby room teacher. She has also worked as an interim daycare director. Shannon also has two school-aged children whom she lives with every day. She is the main caregiver for both.

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