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How this works. The Story Behind WriterAccess AI.

How can you find the perfect writer with the skills, experience, tone and style you need for a writing project? That's the question we tried to answer, hoping to bring more science to the art of matchmaking talent skills needs with customer needs. Here's the Stylemetrics story, and how it works to create a win-win.


The big challenge.
Finding the perfect writer.

Sure. Our members have cool resources to find writers like casting calls and writing style contests for projects. But sifting through hundreds of qualified applicants to pick the winner is a challenge, with so many choices.

Writing Contest

Casting Calls


Text analysis.
Matchmaking intelligence.

Text analysis seemed like the right place to start the research process. We discovered two solutions with the integration solution we required: IBM Watson and Cambridge University in England both offering text analysis solutions.


The big five personalities.
The science begins.

The CU and IBM tools analyize text in a cool way, creating a profile of the author projecting their big five personality characteristics. CU's algorithm was developed comparing 300,000 personality test with their text samples to create the model. IBM's sample size is much less, pulling from 25,000 volunteer writers.


Imagine the possibilities.
Art and science combine.

We proposed the impossible to Cambridge University: Scan 1 million samples of projects completed by our Writers, and develop projected profiles of each writer we could then “match” on-the-fly with customers. You’re kidding, right?


The next generation is born.
The future looks bright.

CU agreed to the modeling, and developed a pilot program for the new match-making services we blind tested with thousands of customers. Take a look at the results announced by the CU Director of Psychometrics at our annual Content Marketing Conference. 


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