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Unicorn Marketing: Getting 10x Results Across Every Marketing Channel

As you can imagine, 97% of content marketing goes nowhere. Facebook and Google algorithms have dramatically changed how traffic flows, and who gets what, when.  Only the content unicorns are now rewarded. And the content donkeys are punished. Big time.

Top off the new year with clarity on how to create those unicorns with guest Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream and MobileMonkey, sharing his  personal tips, strategies and processes for getting 10-100x more value from your content marketing efforts, with clever hacks that you simply must learn.

Host Byron White will grill and drill Larry on all the insights, making for a lively webinar that is sure to educate, and entertain.

Here’s the quick list of takeaways you can put to work fast:

  • Distinguish the unicorns from donkey content, in seconds
  • How to make "unicorn babies" of top-performing content
  • Hacks for Google and Facebook’s organic and paid algorithms 
  • How to boost conversions by building brand affinity
  • How to fake it until you make it with unicorn marketing