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Talent Webinar: Profile Samples and Contest

A big thank you to everyone who added in fresh samples to make WriterAccess better.

For the Zoom meeting on Monday, we will be doing our cash drawings and answering the following questions among many others:

  1. Star reviews: what is happening with this and what do you need to do to be increased?
  2. What is going on with elite badges, can you still apply?
  3. Can you add bylined published material when it’s published on the web under someone else’s name for orders done as ghostwriting projects?
  4. Does the pricing for the Industry Expert Article Program refer to a "suggested price" that is strict guidance for clients? Or, does pricing refer to the writer being paid a certain amount by WA for the piece? If the latter, is the price stated inclusive of WA fees or as the net fee to the writer?
  5. Is it possible to add more categories?

Attendance is not required to win the drawing. Anyone and everyone submitting at least 4 samples using the new interface will be eligible. Here are the cash prizes:

— $500.00 Cash Prize
— $400.00 Cash Prize
— $300.00 Cash Prize
— $200.00 Cash Prize
— $100.00 Cash Prize
— $50.00 Cash Prize
Do reach out with questions.

Write on!