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Proven Social Media Tips to Amplify Your Content Marketing

Social media marketing, when done right, enables you to amplify your content to a highly targeted audience with content that connects. Very few businesses, however, understand how to dive into the social data and maximize social with the right tactics. Until now.

In this on-demand webinar with Neal Schaffer, author of the definitive book on social media marketing "Maximize Your Social", you’ll learn the tactics you need to leverage social media to get more bang for your content marketing buck.

In this FREE on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • The critical elements you need to prepare your content for effective social promotion
  • How to find complementary content to get your own content more noticed in social
  • How to use paid social to promote your content to the right targeted audience
  • Ways to engage with social influencers to help promote your content
  • Strategies to leverage the social reach of your employees


This is a sneak preview of what Neal will be presenting at Content Marketing Conference. Join us at CMC this May!