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How Google Search Works in 2020: The Latest on Google’s Algorithm

Targeting keywords for SEO is a dying practice. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving and the best practices for SEO have changed. Watch this webinar with host Byron White and guest Bernard Huang, co-founder of to learn how to approach SEO in 2020 to rank on the top spots on Google and pull in more organic traffic. We’ll dive in and explore how backlinks, machine learning, subject matter authority, natural language processing, and data associations play a role in Google’s algorithm, and getting your content ranked in the search engines.

Watch this session to learn the latest on Google’s algorithm:

  • Monthly search volume is no longer an indication of the size of the opportunity
  • Targeting  searcher intent for a topic is now the driver for search optimization
  • Searcher’s questions on a topic need to now be covered in totality
  • Search volume is no longer an indicator of the size of the opportunity
  • Backlinks are now a signal to Google that your content is worth experimenting
  • Your content’s user engagement signals now determine your ranking

Target Audience: Intermediate to Advance SEO Specialists (Intermediate to Advanced,  Search Marketing Managers, SEO Savvy Content Creators, and Content Marketers That Want to Go Big!