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Getting Your Content Marketing Funded: Show Me the Revenue

Content marketing itself may be both an art and science. But unless you secure adequate funding for success, you’ll likely fall short on performance goals. That’s where Byron White and guest Shawn Herring come in, unleashing a new game plan to secure funding that makes the case for content marketing investment. You’ll learn how to pinpoint the challenges and opportunities and map out the return on investment that’s essential to secure the funds. Only then can you crank out enough content to move the needle and deliver on performance goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 
– Anticipate and overcome the content investment obstacles 
– Map out an irresistible game plan for success 
– Speak the language of your stakeholders 
– Prepare a data-backed, killer presentation 
– Pitch the opportunity the right way 
– Secure funding and deliver on performance goals