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Engaging a Mobile Audience

Let’s face it. We’ve all avoided the mad rush to the mobile market after a false sense of hype. But the facts are the facts: mobile will be the dominant platform for communication moving forward.

Join host Byron White, CEO of ideaLaunch, and Steffan Berelowitz, CEO of BlueTrain Mobile at this month’s content marketing webinar, offering tips and advice to make mobile marketing work anytime, anywhere, all-the-time.

In this special mobile marketing webinar, learn:

  • Copywriting best practice for mobile readers
  • How to engage readers orbiting at high speeds
  • Best practices for building Mobile sites
  • Which content to include in your mobile website
  • How much content is appropriate and how to lay it out on the page
  • Examples of Mobile sites that convert sales
  • Distinction of Mobile vs Web CMS platforms
  • Best practices to engage mobile readers
  • How to optimize content for Mobile sites
  • Advice on lead generation for the mobile market