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Creating Great Content Has Never Been Easier

You need great content to grow your business. This great content should be created by great writers who know how to get the great results you demand for your investment. But finding expert writers and managing the workflow takes a lot of time and experience. Until now!

Join host Byron White, founder of, a new service of ideaLaunch that offers direct connection to thousands of U.S.-based writers available for paid assignments created to your specification. Byron will discuss how to select and manage freelance writers, and how to create assignment specifications and instructions for success. Both writers and clients will learn lessons we learned in the development of WriterAccess and from observations on the tens of thousands of content assignments completed

Best of all, Byron will discuss the newly launched “project complexity” pricing option now available on WriterAccess, which offers an elevated “fair price” scale for complex projects demanding higher skills and experience for the high quality content you demand.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to price writing assignments
  • How to price yourself as a writer
  • Selecting the best writers
  • Selecting the best clients
  • How and why to reject work from writers
  • Why rejection of your work is a good thing
  • Writer skill levels evaluation and guide
  • Tracking content performance