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Capturing Mindshare

To win the war of words on the web, you need a battle plan to capture organic market share. Creating volumes of SEO content and publishing it on the web is not the best strategy these days. You need competitive intelligence tools to drive the strategy. You need a vision on how to increase traffic and improve listing positions, and a roadmap for performance goals. Trying to put all these pieces together may seem difficult, if not impossible. Until now.

Join Byron White of ideaLaunch and Mike Roberts of Spyfu, offering two very different solutions on how to develop the strategy you need to capture mindshare — the new measurement for success. Mike will discuss some new SpyFu technology solutions that offer the vision you need. Byron will discuss breakthrough content planning methodology including content curation, content plans and secrets that set the stage for performance goals.

These two different approaches will leave you with dozens of ideas, secrets and methods to hit the ball out of the park!