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Amplify Your Content Marketing by Publishing A Book in 90 Days

You know when you’re an expert and authority on a topic, with passionate insights and worldly wisdom to share. But crafting and marketing a book with your name on the byline is challenging, to say the least. That’s where Chandler, founder of Self Publishing School, comes in. He’ll show you how to create the kind of content every book needs, with a streamlined 90 day book creation process that you’ll learn. The key to publishing a book that will transform your career and business is to deliver the information readers want and need. Offering secrets to monetize your content marketing efforts through self-publishing, it’s no wonder this was one of our most popular sessions at Content Marketing Conference.

Watch this webinar, with pen and paper, and learn how to…

  • Conquer the fears, challenges and limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks
  • Shortcut the creation and publishing time and earns top reviews
  • Leverage your community to amplify your reach and boost your authority
  • Publish your book in 90 days with a proven model for success
  • Get your book to the right people at the right time to maximize the return on your time