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Marketing Multipliers: 7 Remarkable Ways to Sell Without Selling

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 – 1:00 PM ET

Email open rates are down. Attention spans are short. And your prospects are on high alert to sleazy sales pitches. What’s a writer to do? How do you cut through the clutter, and transform browsers to buyers? Kevin Donlin has answers. Since 1994, he’s mastered the art of how to sell hard with copy that hardly sells. Sales gains of 92% and 136% are common for his clients.

Join us for this special webinar, hosted by WriterAccess CEO Byron White, if you want to advance your writing career, boost your conversions, or grow your business.

You’ll discover...

The only email with a 100% open rate (you can use it today)
Why clarity beats persuasion (would $462,363 interest you?)
The "lazy way" to multiply your referrals like rabbits (and save 80%)
How to hijack your prospects' lizard brain and sell them (ethically)
The Free Focus Group that sold $32,500 of exotic vacations by email (how will you use it?)


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