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After moving to Ireland in 2001, Rita has started translating and interpreting English-Russian occasionally from 2004 onwards. Translating modern literature and websites is her favorite. After moving to Italy in 2012 and learning Italian, Rita started creating Italian-Russian translations (and proofreading for Veolia).


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Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Russian50+
  • English (US) to Russian20+
  • Italian to Russian2

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Russian

Rita lived in Ireland for 11 years and knows the English language very well. Even though she lives in Italy now, she keeps speaking English on a daily basis. Rita will take any text for translation even if it is going to be a new topic, as she learns continuously, expanding her knowledge.

English (US) to Russian

Rita translates from both English US and English UK to Russian.

Italian to Russian

Rita moved to Italy in 2012 knowing already Italian. From 2014 started translating in this pair.

Industry Projects

  • Travel10+
  • Sports4
  • Consumer Goods1
  • Beauty1
  • Craft1
  • Education1
  • Fitness1
  • Fashion1
  • Food1
  • Health1
  • Kids/Family1
  • Music1
  • Other1

Summary of Industry Experience


Rita's favorite is the translation of blogs, webpages and modern literature.


Rita has helped to translate website ( and articles dedicated to sport and fitness.

Consumer Goods

Rita translated for Man's skin care products.


Rita loves fashion. She translates blogs, articles, Facebook posts etc.


Rita is fond of crafting. She translates relating craft web pages and posts.


As a mother Rita reads and translates webpages, articles, books related to education and pedagogy.


Rita worked in fitness industry for years. She translates webpages, blogs posts, articles related to fitness and health.


Rita loves fashion. She Translates blogs, webpages, articles.


Rita loves cooking. She searches for new recipes and familiar with translation in this field.


We can't speak about fitness without speaking about health. Rita is familiar to translation in this field.


As a mother, Rita reads and translates articles, webpages, blogs about kids/family.


Rita loves music. She plays piano. Reads and translates articles, webpages, blogs in this field.


Rita loves PSYCHOLOGY. Reads and translates books, articles, blogs posts etc.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post5
  • Article3
  • Web Page3
  • Brochure2
  • Book1
  • Script/Video1

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Rita translates interesting posts when has time


Rita has translates articles when she finds them interesting for an attention of russian speakers.

Web Page

Rita helped translating few websites (one of them


Rita has translated reports and other documents.


Rita creates modern literature translations.


Rita has translated a script "Looking for Kate"